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MySmartPrice app helps you decide what to buy and where to buy formobiles, laptops, electronics, TVs, home appliances, audio productsetc. We have following features and content on the app for you.News: We cover all the important news, new launches, live videos sothat our readers and users can stay updated with all the happeningsin the gadget world. Check out our News section. Reviews and ExpertScore: Our mobile experts review each and every mobile and score iton the following parameters – Design and display, Camera,Performance, Battery life, and Value for money. Based on this wederive the Expert Score, which will help you select a phone whenyou are not sure. Price Comparison: We get prices from all the toponline retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Tatacliq etc. and show ittogether along with offers and coupons so that you can find thebest price for the product you are looking for. Prices are updatedevery few minutes and are highly accurate. Best Lists: Our expertstest and review mobiles and other gadgets and create Best Lists forvarious requirements. You can find the best and top–rated productsfor your requirements here. Videos: We shoot product videos inHindi and English for our users. Check out our YouTube channel.Upcoming Products: We constantly try to find out the upcomingproducts. For many of these, we break the info on the Internet.Usually we are the first ones to cover these. Check out the leaksfor upcoming devices covered by us.
M Droid Studio
Ueb-faqja është portal ipavarur informativ dhe më i vizituar në gjuhën shqipe. I udhëhequrnga një staf profesional, arrinë të rifreskohet melajme në çdo kohë nga rubrika e Ekonomisë, Sporti, Magazina,Kultura, Lifestyle, Shëndetësi, Teknologji.
The Guardian - Live World News, Sport & Opinion
Read top stories, breaking news & opinion on the go. TheGuardian App gives you access to the latest politics, business andsports news through award-winning journalism. News that matters - 5reasons to download The Guardian App: 1. Breaking news alerts,straight to your phone. 2. Top stories & award-winningjournalism 3. News feed & customizable content 4. World news& US updates in business, politics and more 5. Sports news& updates, from NFL to F1 World news, live updates &opinion - take your news feed with you, wherever you are. Explorestories, US headlines, content and media on a whole range oftopics; from business to music, politics, sport, culture & muchmore. BREAKING NEWS & LIVE REPORTING • Be the first to knowabout today’s headlines with live news • Follow stories as theyunfold with breaking news alerts US HEADLINES & WORLD NEWS •Read the latest US headlines in politics, business and sport • Stayup-to-date with world news stories & media coverage CONTENT& TOP STORIES • Read top stories & the full range of TheGuardian journalism • Access audio, video and interactive contentstraight from your phone NEWS FEED • Read news that matters to youand customize your news feed • See readers’ comments and share yourown opinion SPORTS NEWS • Access the latest news in sport from ourexperts • Watch media coverage & key moments SUPPORTINDEPENDENT JOURNALISM Upgrade to the Premium App to supportindependent journalism. Plus, access our enhanced features for abetter way to experience the news that matters. PREMIUM FEATURES •Live - a new and faster way to catch up on every breaking newsstory • Discover - a new way to explore the best stories, recipes,long reads and more • Enhanced offline reading - download the day’snews & opinion before you travel, or whenever it suits you •Experience the app advert-free • Play our daily crosswords • Accessspecially curated content Download The Guardian App now for accessto our full range of award-winning journalism.------------------------ This app is totally free to use. If youchoose to upgrade to the premium tier, your payment will beprocessed by Google Play. Terms of use: All content in the Guardianapp is copyright Guardian News & Media 2018. All rightsreserved. Terms of use and privacy policy apply when accessingcontent via the Guardian app. Privacy policy: Terms andconditions:
Samaa News App
SAMAA TV News App brings you Pakistan News, Breaking News, WorldNews, Entertainment News, Sports News, Twitter Reactions, NewsHeadlines, Facebook Viral Videos. Also watch uninterrupted freeLive streaming, reality shows, political shows with Nadeem Malik,Shahzad Iqbal & Paras Jahanzeb. Also catch up with LollyWoodand Bollywood news. The App’s content is available in Urdu &English both in the same download.
Aftonbladet Nyheter
Aftonbladet – störst på nyheter! Vi ger dig det absolut senastenytt inom nyheter, sport & nöje. Här kan du följa allt om valet2018, Rockbjörnen, väder och sport. Du kan även följa lokalanyheter, nyheter från de stora regionerna som Stockholm, Göteborg,Malmö eller större nyhetshändelser från hela världen. Häng med ilive-rapporteringar, se Aftonbladet TV varje morgon och läsfördjupande Plus-artiklar eller nyheter om kändisar på nöjesbladet.Sveriges vassaste skribenter som Jan Guillou, Lena Melin, LinnéaClaeson, Robert Aschberg ger dig alltid granskande reportage ochdebatt- och opinionsjournalistik. Håll dig uppdaterad med våranotiser vid viktiga händelser och spara artiklar för att läsasenare. Har du några idéer eller synpunkter? Bra – då kan du höraav dig till [email protected] Användarvillkor: Du som accepterat platstjänster avseende Aftonbladetsapplikation i din Android-enhet godkänner att Aftonbladet användersig av så kallad geo-targeting, vilket innebär att Aftonbladetlöpande samlar in uppgifter om din geografiska position.Uppgifterna används för att kunna ge dig platsanpassad informationoch marknadsföring via post, telefon eller elektroniskkommunikation såsom sms eller e-post. Informationen kan också kommaatt användas i utvecklingen av nya produkter och tjänster och föratt ge dig anpassat innehåll i våra digitala tjänster, såsomartiklar och annonser som är mer relevanta för dig. Uppgifterna kankomma att lämnas ut till andra bolag inom Schibstedkoncernen.Aftonbladet sparar och kan komma att använda uppgifterna upp tillsex (6) månader efter att uppgifterna samlats in. Genom att duladdar hem, alternativt uppdaterat Aftonbladets applikationsamtycker du till behandlingen enligt ovan. Om du inte längre villatt Aftonbladet ska kunna samla in uppgifter om din geografiskaposition kan du när som helst slå av platstjänster på dinmobiltelefon. Du har också möjlighet att, en gång per år, fåinformation om vilken information som finns sparad om dig, genomatt kontakta Aftonbladets personuppgiftsombud.Personuppgiftsansvarig är Aftonbladet, organisationsnummer556100-1123, Västra Järnvägsgatan 21, 105 17 Stockholm. Aftonbladet- greatest news! We give you the very latest news in news, sportsand entertainment. Here you can follow everything about the 2018,Rockbjörnen election, weather and sports. You can also follow localnews, news from major regions like Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö ormajor news events from around the world. Join live reports, watchAftonbladet TV every morning and read in-depth Plus articles ornews about celebrities on the entertainment magazine. Sweden'shottest writers, such as Jan Guillou, Lena Melin, Linnéa Claeson,Robert Aschberg, always give you reviews and debate and opinionjournalism. Keep up to date with our notifications at importantevents and save articles to read later. Do you have any ideas oropinions? Good - then you can listen to [email protected] Termsof Use: You, who accepted platform services regarding Aftonbladet'sapplication in your Android device, agree that Aftonbladet usesgeo-targeting, which means that Aftonbladet continuously collectsdata about your geographical location.   The information isused to provide you with location-specific information andmarketing via mail, telephone or electronic communications, such astext or email. The information may also be used in the developmentof new products and services and to provide you with custom contentin our digital services, such as articles and ads that are morerelevant to you. The information may be disclosed to othercompanies within the Schibsted Group. Aftonbladet saves and may usethe data up to six (6) months after the data has been collected. Byloading, alternatively updated Aftonbladet's application, you agreeto the above treatment. If you no longer want Aftonbladet tocollect data about your geographical location, you can turn offlocation services on your mobile phone at any time. You also havethe opportunity to, once a year, get information about whatinformation is saved about you by contacting Aftonbladet's personalinformation representative.   Personal Data Responsible isAftonbladet, organization number 556100-1123, Västra Järnvägsgatan21, 105 17 Stockholm.
Tin tức trong ngày 24h
Tin tức trong ngày 24h - Tin tứcĐọc tin tức và cập nhật các tin nóng hổi tức thì với tin 24h. Vớichiếc điện thoại thông minh và tin 24h bạn sẽ có những trải nghiệmthú vị với phong cách đọc tin hoàn toàn mới.Tin 24h cam đoan giữ bản quyền của các tác giả và các báo. Chúngtôi chỉ hỗ trợ độc giả đọc rút gọn và vẫn giữ link nguồn đến cácbáo.Những ưu điểm:+ Không mất thời gian cho những dòng tin trùng lặp từ nhiềubáo+ Tốc độ truy cập cực nhanh+ Tin nóng hổi được tổng hợp và chọn lọc thông minh.+ Cập nhật liên tục mỗi phút từ đa dạng các báo điện tử uy tín tạiViệt Nam+ Dễ dàng chia sẻ thông tin trên mạng xã hội+ Giao diện đẹp, ấn tượng và tạo cảm hứng sang tạoThông tin:- Free icon font from Use ImageLoader libNguon: Tin tức, đọc báo, báo mới, tin nhanh tức thời, người đưatin, dantri vnexpress of the day 24 -NewsRead news and breaking news updates instantly with news 24 hours.With smart phones and news 24 hours you will have the excitingexperience with a style entirely new reading.News 24 warrant copyright of the authors and journalists. Weonly supports readers shortened and still keep the source link tothe report.The advantages:+ Do not take time to duplicate lines from newspapers+ Ultra-fast access speeds+ Hot stuff is integrated and intelligent selection.+ Updated continuously per minute from a variety of reputableonline newspaper in Vietnam+ Easily share information on social networks+ Interface beautiful, impressive and inspiring creativityInformation:- Free icon font from Use ImageLoader libSource: News, read the newspaper, newspaper, instant instantmessenger, dantri vnexpress
GNN-La Stampa
Real-time information of anywhere, anytime now also onAndroid: free, updated, rich in content. Downloading,you can read the latest news and in-depth news, browse photogalleries, watch videos from Italy and all over the world andfollow your favorite football team.
Sing Tao
《頭條日報》全港No.1最多人睇嘅報章, 盡攬全港 最多投資讀者!《頭條日報》不斷發揮創意能量, 為讀者提供更多更豐富的新聞資訊,其中 《頭條財經報》於每日為讀者帶來最快最新的財經地產資訊, 內容簡潔 精準, 方便繁忙的投資讀者掌握精要的財經消息。 《頭條財經報》網羅陸羽仁、郭艷明等名家分析, 雲集沈振盈、郭思治、黃瑋傑、羅尚沛、雷雨及伍一山六大名家齊發功, 在「頭條 解籤」為讀者解答疑難,並設有「窩輪專區」提供獨家窩輪情報,每星期並 有《投資王》編委評論、「新股透視」, 全程追蹤市場動態, 助讀者更 快捷準確地洞悉市況。立即下載《頭條財經報》Android高清揭頁版, 便可逐頁瀏覽整份報章, 方便易讀, 畫面細緻 精晰, 圖像數據 分析一目瞭然,大市走勢盡在掌握!
Verified Tricks
Verified tricks
Verified tricks android app offers instant access to all theupdates from our website for mobileusers,use our app to browse through all the latest posts as well asupdates,sort out the posts on the basis of variouscategories,search for a particular post,Get all the latest updatesvia push notifications,easily share posts on various otherapps,view as well as post comments to any post directly from theapp,the list of features of the Verified tricks app are asfollows:-App features:-1. Easy and simple interface:-Our androidapp offers users a very easy,simple and mobile friendlyinterface,users can browse through all the posts easily scroll theentire list of all the latest posts at the main screen of ourapp.2. Fast browsing:-The android app of verified tricks offersusers an incredibly fast experience ,just open the app to accessthrough all the content of our website instantly,no need,to typeany url or link.3. Sorting out posts:-Easily sort out the posts onour website on the basis of various categories from the Menu bar ofour app,like Games,Facebook,Android etc clicking on any categorysorts out all the posts under that category ,to let you see whatyou actually want to see.4. Search:-Verified tricks android appoffers an easy way to search for a post or keyword,just click onthe three vertical dots to the right side of your phone's screenand input the search query,in order to search for a particular postor keyword.5. Push notification:-Get instant push notifications forall the latest updates from our website directly,the new apptriggers a push notification as soon as an update occurs ,so younever miss an important update.6. Adding Comments:-Easily addcomments to a post directly from our app, To Add a just open a postand navigate to comments,Scroll down and click on the 'AddComments' button,input your name,email and post the comment.7. Easypost sharing:- Share a post easily on any of the supported app onyour phone,you can either send a post directly on What’s app to anyof your contact or Share it on Facebook,Twitter and other apps,alsocopy a post’s respective link directly to your phone’s clipboard inorder to use it or save it any where.
RSS ticker (free)
Thank you for all comments.Please report requests and issues (if you want of course) viamail.Your contribution is appreciated. Thank you!Please note: this is not a widget and will never be. It's notpossible at the moment because of Widget API limitations.Tip: You can add new RSS feeds by using Android Web Browser - goto the RSS feed page and use "share" feature. Select "Manage feeds"item."RSS ticker" is RSS news aggregator. RSS titles are presentedvia news ticker at the bottom of the screen.Features:- digital clock visibility can be configured- custom image, transparent background supported- fullscreen window supported- news ticker size and speed can be configured- software and hardware rendering modes supported- new feeds can be added by web browser- RSS urls catching- clickable RSS feed itemsDefault RSS feeds:- BBC Top Stories- CNN Top Stories- Al Jazeera- France24
The Straits Times for Tablet
Experience the best of The Straits Times award-winning content withthe latest changes to ST app. The app is free to download, and allusers can read non-Premium stories in their entirety. Here are someother features of the ST app you might like: - Create your ownhomepage so you can read what matters to you first - Subscribe toget full access to Premium content, such as exclusives, featuresand analyses from our best writers and veteran journalists -Receive push alerts on topics of your choice - Listen to news -Save articles to read later - Preload The Straits Times PrintEdition and ePaper on Wi-Fi to read offline (only applicable toAll-Digital and All-Digital + Print subscribers) Have questions orfeedback on the new The Straits Times App? Email us [email protected]
翻轉新視界,TVBS走出大螢幕,貼近您的生活!TVBS APP讓您隨時隨地掌握第一線新聞快報及流行娛樂資訊!一向秉持新聞專業,最值得您信賴的TVBS新聞,攜手精彩創新,時時滿足您食衣住行需求的TVBS娛樂,即將在全新的TVBSAPP與您見面!在行動平台上更貼近您的生活、更全面地服務所有支持TVBS的觀眾群!簡潔的版面,專業的編輯團隊,精美的圖文編排,讓您能以最效率、最舒適的方式掌握全球及國內的政經新聞、社會消息、體壇脈動、科技新知。還~想知道TVBS《食尚玩家》這集去了哪裡吃喝玩樂搜好康?想知道浩子和阿翔不為人知的趣聞秘辛?不想錯過《女人我最大》達人老師推薦的超好用美妝聖品?來不及記下《健康兩點靈》所推薦的養生食譜與運動招式?......這些願望TVBS都聽到了!有了TVBS APP您再也不會錯過任何一個精彩節目內容與資訊。Flip NewVision, TVBS out of the big screen, close to your life!TVBS APP allows you to grasp the first line of breaking news andpopular entertainment and information anywhere, anytime!Always uphold journalism, most worthy of your trust TVBS news,join the wonderful innovation, and always meet your needs LettingTVBS entertainment, coming in the new TVBS APP meet with you!Closer to your life on the mobile platform, a more comprehensiveservice to all support TVBS audience!Simple layout, professional editorial team, beautiful graphiclayout, so that you can in the most efficient, most comfortable wayto master the global and domestic political and economic news,community news, sports pulsating, science and technologyknowledge.Also ~Want to know TVBS "food is still the players' gone drink thisepisode goodies search? Hiroko and want to know the secrets behindXiang unknown anecdote? Do not want to miss "Queen" Daren teacherrecommended Chaohaoyong Beauty clergyman? No time to write down the"healthy spirit points" recommended diet and exercise regimenmoves? ......TVBS have heard these wishes! With TVBS APP that you never missa wonderful program content and information.
OMG! Chrome! for Android
Ohso Ltd
OMG! Chrome! is your independent source for everything Chrome -daily!We bring the latest Chrome browser, Chromebook and Chrome OSnews, app reviews, tutorials and much, much more to hundreds ofthousands of readers every month.Features:* Push notifications* Star articles for later reading* Offline Caching* Choice of article list views* Browse article by categories
Tiny Tiny RSS (TRIAL)
Andrew Dolgov
Self-hosted FOSS RSS reader. You will need to install webapplication first. Trial version, buy if you like. Source: Forum:
Diver Magazine
DIVER is Britain's best-selling diving magazine – consistentlyout-performing all its competitors combined on the openmarket.DIVER Magazine's coverage of every aspect of the sport isunrivalled, especially in the realms of dive-gear testing,training, dive holiday destinations and underwater photography.Over more than five decades it has established a formidablereputation for expert and authoritative reporting of the news,views and features that matter to all scubadivers.--------------------This is a free app download with paidcontent within. The current issue, back issues and future issuescan be purchased within the app.Subscriptions are also availablewithin the application. When a recurring subscription is purchasedthe latest issue will become available to downloadimmediately.Available subscriptions are:1 month: £1.99/ US$ 2.99 [1issue]12 months: £19.99/ US$ 26.99 [12 issues]-The subscriptionwill renew automatically unless cancelled more than 24 hours beforethe end of the current period. You will be charged for renewalwithin 24 hours of the end of the current period, for the sameduration and at the current subscription rate for the product.-Youmay turn off the auto-renewal of subscriptions through Google PlayAccount settings, however you are not able to cancel the currentsubscription during its active period.Users can register for/ loginto a pocketmags account in-app. This will protect their issues inthe case of a lost device and allow browsing of purchases onmultiple platforms. Existing pocketmags users can retrieve theirpurchases by logging into their account.We recommend loading theapp for the first time in a wi-fi area.If you have any problems atall please do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected]
Puthiya Thalaimurai TV
/// Official Puthiya Thalaimurai News Channel App /// PuthiyaThalaimurai TV is a 24x7 Live News Channel. Due to its independenteditorial stance it became extremely popular in India and abroadwithin days of its launch and continues to remain so till date.With this app New Generation Media gives live and currentinformation from the channel broadcasts News on Sports, Businessand International Affairs. Puthiya Thalaimurai Android App givesyou latest Live News Videos from Tamil Nadu, India, World &Districts News, Sports News & Business News update and CurrentAffairs Programmes. Application Details •Watch Live TV News Versionsupported from Android 4.0 and Above Powered By Nua Trans Media
See News, Videos & Songs on Lockscreen, get Reward
What is Unlockar? Unlockar (also known as Unlocker Launcher) is alockscreen news & entertainment content reader that lets youenjoy News, Videos & Songs every time you wake up your phone tounlock. It turns your boring lockscreen into a source of unlimitedinformation and entertainment. What are the different source ofInformation and Entertainment? You can subscribe to variouschannels and get exciting News and Entertainment Content as peryour preference directly on your phone’s lockscreen, totally freeof cost. Content offered on these channels is updated on a dailybasis and is from various facets including Local Deals, Discounts,Best Offers, Jokes, Beautiful Places, Wallpapers, Quotes,Astrology, Facts, Puzzles, Quizzes, News, Scores, Weather Updates,Astrology, Sample and Freebies, Tickets and Coupons, MovieTrailers, Movie Reviews, Technology Updates, Art, SportsAchievements and Rankings, Fashion, Bollywood, Hollywood, History,Health and Fitness, Lifestyle and Trends, Advertisement,Commercials, etc. # Beautifully designed wallpaper themes: Choosefrom vast selection of interesting and lovable themes acrossvarious categories, namely, • Celebrity themes from Bollywood,Hollywood, Sports, Business, Startups and Politics • Scenic andNature wallpapers across categories like Dogs, Cats, Birds, CuteAnimals, Beaches, Historic Monuments, Travel Locations, etc. •Religious themes covering multiple wallpapers of Gurus, God andGoddess • Miscellaneous themes such as Love Quotes, Success Quotes,Fashion and Abstract What all actions can be performed on Unlockarlockscreen? - Swipe Up to go to your home screen (Unlock) - SwipeRight/Left to see wallpapers of the selected theme - Call / Messagefrom lockscreen itself - Tap to Read More or Interact with thecontent Other Key Features Daily Planner: Press on date to interactwith your daily plan via Calendar app Save your favorite contentPress 'Pin' button to save content for later viewing Share contentwith friends Press 'Share' button to send content to your friendsSwitch Off Content on Lockscreen: Using this feature, you canswitch off the lock screen content and continue enjoying in-appnews and content. Live Cricket Score: Using this feature, you cansee live cricket score of all international matches without goingaway from lockscreen. Press on Cricket score (for Int'l matches)for detailed scores/commentary. Weather Report: You can see weatherupdates and forecasts of any place of the world in a systematicmanner on a beautiful user interface. Daily Horoscope: Check yourand all your dear friends' and families' daily horoscope from thelockscreen itself. You can even check your love compatibility.Channel Timer: You can set time for any/all channels. Such channelswill be shown on your lockscreen only during defined hours of theday. NOTE: Please do not view Unlockar (not spelt as Unlocker) as asource of huge income, but rather see it as a source of greatentertainment and gamified lock screen experience. There is onlyone Unlockar Lock Screen and no Unlocker (with 'er' at the end ofUnlocker), so do not get confused with fake and duplicate unlockerapplications. **Restriction** As of now, rewards are available onlyfor Indian users. Other users can enjoy the amazing news &entertainment content but will not be able to redeem rewards.Please see answers to frequently asked questions at Enjoy News, Videos & Songson Lockscreen!
Rossiya Segodnya
Sputnik news agency and radio is a modern media brand with globalcoverage. With the Sputnik app, you'll be the first to receivebreaking news, find out about major global events, read in-depthcommentary from leading experts and tune into the live radiobroadcasts and exclusive interviews. The official Sputnik app isavailable in 51 languages. The app grants you 24/7 access tointernational news, analyses and online radio. Key features: - Easynavigation - News feed - Push notifications for breaking news -Live radio broadcast - Share articles on social media - Savefavorite articles and read them offline Get the inside track on themajor news stories and developments from around the world as theyunfold live. Sputnik tells the untold.
Baixe agora o aplicativo da e tenha acesso fácil e rápidoà melhor e mais completa cobertura em notícias, esportes eentretenimento da Internet brasileira no seu celular!Seja oprimeiro a saber o que acontece na sua região, no Brasil e nomundo, com notícias atualizadas minuto a minuto. Acompanhe jogos ecoberturas de eventos em tempo real, com fotos, vídeos,estatísticas e transmissões ao vivo, com conteúdos da TV e dorádio.Saiba tudo sobre seus programas e artistas favoritos. Fiqueligado no que rolou, está rolando, e o que vai rolar na TV! Conheçaas últimas novidades do mundo da tecnologia e dos games, e dominetruques e dicas para navegar no universo digital!Assista aosmelhores momentos dos programas da TV Globo e canais Globosat:SporTV, Globo News, Multishow, GNT, entre outros. E se você éassinante, pode ainda assistir aos programas da TV Globona íntegraCom a você tem tudo isso e muito mais.Aproveite! Instale e acesse já!Now download the application fromthe and has fast and easy access to the best and mostcomplete coverage in news, sports and entertainment of theBrazilian Internet on your mobile!Be the first to know what'shappening in your area, in Brazil and in the world with newsupdated every minute. Follow games and event coverage in real time, with photos, videos, stats and live broadcasts, with TV and radiocontent.Learn all about your favorite shows and artists. Stay tunedas rolled, it is rolling, and it will roll on TV! Find out thelatest news from the world of technology and games, and mastertricks and tips to navigate the digital world!Watch the bestmoments of Globo TV programs and Globosat: SporTV, Globo News,Multishow, GNT, among others. And if you're subscriber,you can still watch the programs on TV Globo in fullWith globo.comyou have all this and more. Enjoy! Install and access now!
Germany News (Deutsche)
All About News
Germany News is a fast and clean way of reading the most popularnewspapers on Android. Features: * News by site. * News bycategory. * Favorites. * Adjustable font size * Remove or sort newssources. * Edit default news sources. * Subscribe more news sourcesvia RSS. * Option to block images (reduce bandwidth). * Share newsvia SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter… Newspapers available: DerSpiegel Der Spiegel Bild DE Die Welt n-tv Stern Focus Faz Zeit Tagesschau N24 Chip Kicker Computer bildTagesspiegel T Online Sport1 Hamburger AbendblattHamburger Morgenpost Die Presse RP Online Frankfurter RundschauHeise Berliner Morgenpost Junge Freiheit Google News AbendzeitungMünchen ARD Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger Leipzig Volkszeitung 11 t3n Goal Hessische Niedersächsische Allgemeine Kreiszeitung Böblinger Bote B.Z. Berlin Der PostillonPresseportal Merkur Berliner Zeitung
ZAKER是全国首个个性化新闻资讯App。在ZAKER,用户可获取第一手新闻、了解前沿的本地资讯、参与热门话题讨论、玩直播看视频……4000+信息源,高质量资讯全方位满足用户个性化信息需求。 还有杂志式排版,营造纯净清爽的阅读体验。2012年安卓全球开发者大会Zui佳应用平台TOP10 GMIC2012开发者星球TOP50应用 2016OSCA新闻类Zui佳应用安卓大会年度Zui具影响力移动资讯软件 新周刊年度Zui有价值手机APP 联系方式 网站:www.myzaker.com微博:@ZAKER 微信:ZAKERHD QQ群:105939694 邮箱:[email protected]
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Read Tamil news from following news papers:Editions: India, Singapore, Malaysia, UK & Srilanka.India:- Thinamani- Thinamalar- Maalaimalar- Thinakaran- Google- One India- Tamil Win- Tamil Murasu- Dinabhoomi- Nakheeeran- VikatanSingapore:- Tamil MurasuMalaysia:- Vanakkam MalaysiaUK- BBCSrilanka:- Eelanatham- Uthayan- Viduvu- NerudalRead full news option.Google Analytics
💥Интерактивный эфир В эфире шоу «Голос» каждую пятницу в 21.30.выбирайте лучшего Наставника сезона, итоги голосования будутобъявлены в финале. Ежедневно по будням в программе «Давайпоженимся» оценивайте женихов и невест и дайте шанс тому, ктоостался одинок, прийти на передачу в качестве главного героя. Посубботам в программе «Кто хочет стать миллионером» отвечайте навопросы одновременно с участниками, а в конце программы для вассуперигра: пять вопросов, на которые не ответили участники в шагедо трех миллионов. 📺 Прямой эфир Смотрите прямой эфир в отличномкачестве прямо в приложении – чем выше скорость соединения, темлучше картинка. 🎤 Телепередачи В приложении можно смотреть полныевыпуски и лучшие моменты любимых телепередач: – Мужское / Женское –Пусть говорят – На самом деле – Голос – Голос. 60+ – Давайпоженимся – Модный приговор – КВН – Вечерний Ургант – Время покажет– Доброе Утро – Концерты – и многие другие 📲 Офлайн Хотитепосмотреть любимую передачу позже? Сохраните видео из любоготелепроекта в память устройства и пересматривайте передачи офлайн.🔥 Новости Хотите узнать, что происходит в стране и мире? Смотритевидео в разделе "Новости". 🕑 ТВ программа Узнайте, что интересногождёт вас сегодня и в ближайшие дни на Первом - удобная программапередач. Мы выпустили это приложение, чтобы наши зрители всегдаимели доступ к проектам Первого канала. Команда Первого продолжаетработать над новым функционалом, который вы увидите в следующихобновлениях приложения. Спасибо за то, что вы с нами, непереключайтесь! 💥Interactive broadcast The show "Voice" everyFriday at 21.30. choose the best Mentor of the season, the votingresults will be announced in the final.   Daily on weekdays inthe “Let's Get Married” program, evaluate brides and grooms andgive a chance to the one who is alone to come to the program as themain character.   On Saturdays in the “Who Wants to Be aMillionaire” program, answer questions simultaneously with theparticipants, and at the end of the program there is a supergamefor you: five questions that the participants did not answer in astep to three million.   📺 Live Watch the live broadcast inexcellent quality right in the app - the higher the connectionspeed, the better the picture. 🎤 TV shows In the application, youcan watch the full episodes and the best moments of your favoriteTV shows: - Male / Female - Let them talk - In fact - Voice -Voice. 60+ - Let's get married - Fashion sentence - KVN - EveningUrgant - Time will tell - Good morning - Concerts - and many others  📲 Offline Want to watch your favorite show later? Savevideos from any TV project to the device’s memory and review theprograms offline.   🔥 News Want to know what is happening inthe country and the world? Watch the video in the "News" section.  🕑 TV program Find out what is waiting for you today and inthe coming days on First - a convenient program guide.   Wereleased this application so that our viewers always have access tothe projects of the First Channel. Team One continues to work onnew features that you will see in the next application updates.Thank you for being with us, do not switch!
手機版 - Oriental Daily News
Oriental Daily News, MalaysiaOriental Daily News is a newspaper with quality content。 It waslaunched on September 29, 2002 in broadsheet format. On July 1,2007, Oriental Daily News had a new facelift into a compact-sizeChinese Newspaper which is worldwide trend, easy & convenience,attractive & artistically .Today, the paper has established a reputation for an independentnews reports, in-depth analyses and impactful commentaries.Therefore, within a short span of less then10 years, the dailyhas chalked an impressive more than 180,000 copies dailycirculation, which is the fastest growing Chinese daily inMalaysia. Our sales are mainly via subscription, which createsconsistency.To date, Oriental Daily News also provide breaking news viaShort Messaging Service (SMS), e-paper (NewspaperDirect and, news portal service(, Faccebook,Twitter and mobile app for our widely distributed readers. Thenewspaper has become a trusted information source for theChinese-speaking community.Oriental Daily News owned by the KTS Group, other publicationsin the group are See Hua Daily News《诗华日报》, The BusyWeekly《資匯》財經周報,《 The Borneo Post 》英文婆罗洲邮报and 《Utusan Borneo》馬來文婆罗洲前锋报。
Al Masry Al Youm
Al-Masry Media Corporation is an Egyptian independent mediainstitution founded in 2003. Chaired by Kamel Tawfik Diab, itsboard includes a number of prominent Egyptian businessmen.Theinstitution issues Al-Masry Al-Youm, an independent daily newspaperthat was launched on 6 July 2004 to become today the firstindependent newspaper in terms of distribution. The paper is alsoavailable electronically on www.almasryalyoum.comAli El-Sayed isthe chief editor of this paper that employs some of the bestEgyptian journalists and correspondents, who cover news from allparts of Egypt and from abroad, in addition to many renownedEgyptian writers of different intellectual orientations, whoprovide the paper and the website with opinion and analysis. Inaddition to the print edition, Al-Masry also released a portalwhich, in the beginning, was a replica of the printed copy, but wassoon developed into a comprehensive news gateway, that representsan important institutional development with regards to channelingcontent across different media. Al-Masry Al-Youm has the largestSocial Media community in Egypt with more than 7 Millions activeusers through its social networks starting from Facebook, Twitter,Google+, Sound Cloud and instagram you can check it out on/almasryalyoumThe English website waslaunched in 2009, the site offers news and opinion articles aboutthe most important events in Egypt through a dynamic team of youngjournalists who are committed to objectivity and to qualityin-depth and analytical reporting. Address:49 Mobtadyan St. ElKasrEleanny, Cairo, Egypt Tel: +20(2) 27926183/7 - +20(2) 27980100Fax:+20(2) 27926331 website: www.almasryalyoum.comHotline:16533
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Radio Free Asia
The free, *official* Radio Free Asia (RFA) news application servesyour Android smartphone or tablet the most up to date and accuratenews from around the world. The international news applicationfeatures include: * Customization for 10 international languagesand dialects (English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Burmese, Khmer, Korean,Lao, Tibetan, Uyghur and Vietnamese)* Enjoy photos, video, audioand text content, including background streaming of audio content *Integrated proxy available in the settings to get around Internetblocking * Hear radio podcasts on demand * Save download time anddata costs with the Low-Bandwidth Mode in the settings * Downloadstories, videos, and photos for offline reading, watching, andlistening * Customizable navigation items and order * Streammultimedia over Chromecast on your TV* Offline-downloading andsaving of news content for later enjoyment * Share your favoritestories, videos, and photos via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, andGoogle+ * Social media sharing of content on Facebook, Twitter,email and other platforms * Customizable Android Home ScreenWidgetFrequently Asked Questions & Troubleshooting AppIssues:==============================================Havingproblems with using the Appproxy?---------------------------------------------------------------Enablethe Psiphon proxy in the settings of the RFA app. Make sure youhave the latest version of the application installed on yourdevice.Having problems with the Appcrashing?---------------------------------------------------------------Pleasemake sure you always update the app to have the most recent, stableversion of the application. Turning on automatic updates helps usdeliver the new releases automatically to you every time!Havingproblems with the App loadingslowly?---------------------------------------------------------------1-Check to make sure you are on a fast, stable connection (WiFi,ideally). 2- If that doesn't work, open the application settingsand check the box for "Low Bandwidth Support."What languages andRFA services does the appsupport?---------------------------------------------------------------Allof these:RFA English (English)RFA Mandarin, 普通话 (Mandarin)RFACantonese, 粵語 (Cantonese)RFA Burmese (Burmese)RFA Korean, 한국어(Korean)RFA Lao (Lao)RFA Khmer (Khmer)RFA Tibetan (Tibetan)RFAVietnamese, Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)RFA Uyghur Cyrillic, УЙҒУР(Uyghur Cyrillic)RFA Uyghur Latin, UYGHUR (Uyghur Latin)RFA UyghurArabic, ئۇيغۇر (Uyghur Arabic)Having problems with theapp?---------------------------------------------------------------Weare here to help. Please contact us at [email protected] Be sureto include the device description (example: Samsung S3) andoperating system (example: 4.3) as well as a brief description ofthe issue.
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Cheats for Minecraft PS4 is an application which has been made tohelp you play Minecraft PS4. We update the application daily withnew content all about Minecraft PS4.We Cover:- Cheats- Seeds- Maps- Mods- Resource Packs- Building Designs- Skins- & More!The app will keep on giving you new content to help you playMinecraft PS4! It is a must download if you want to be a Minecraftpro! So download today!It’s FREE!Cheats for Minecraft PS4 is an unofficial App for Minecraft.This application is intended for educational purposes Cheats forMinecraft PS4 is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. TheMinecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets areall property of Mojang AB or they respectful owner. All rightsreserved.
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Aggregator brings filters and proper notifications to Android newsreaders. Features: - Filters news by title or content to displayonly the important bits - Notifies you about all unread or just newitems since your last check - Per-feed custom background updateintervals - Feed auto discovery support - RSS and Atom support -Dark and Light themes - User-defined feed categories - Feed entrysharing - Import/export feeds from/to OPML file - No ads!