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Mi Fit 3.5.8
Mi Fit tracks your activity, analyzes sleep, and evaluatesyourworkouts. Lots of video tutorials keep you motivated, and helpyoubuild a healthier, more enjoyful daily routine.
Tools & Mi Band 3.8.2
Get the most out of your Mi Band smart bracelet with Mi BandTools!Set up your own, individual and fully customizablenotificationsfor incoming calls and applications. Energize yourbrain during ahard day using the power nap feature, configuremulti-color custompatterns for each single notification, fine-tunecustom contentfilters and a lot more! This application works verywell withoriginal Mi Fit application (but is no way associated withXiaomi).This means that you can always have the latest Mi Fitversion andthe latest Mi Band firmware in addition to great andpowerfulnotification features. Features: • Display Text Support(see callercontact names & contents of notifications on your MiBand) •Application notifications (configurable per application aswell asglobally) • Incoming call notifications (configurable percontactas well as globally) • Continuous heart rate monitoring&notifying, configurable heart rate dashboard charts (Mi Band3, MiBand 2, 1S) • Sleep as Android Integration (Mi Band 3, Mi Band2,1.0, 1A) • Alarm notifications (including safety sound alarm-vibrations won't wake you up? safety sound alarm will triggerafterfew minutes) • Custom repeating notifications (you can setanythingyou like, for example: hourly chimes, change workoutreminder, takea pill reminders and more) • Fully customizablenotificationpatterns (including multi-color notifications, customvibrationpatterns) • Notification content filters (only interestedin SMSnotifications for certain people? not a problem for Mi BandTools)• Multiple notifications per application (thanks to thisfeature,you can set different patterns for single application, forexampleyou can set WhatsApp messages from your boss in red and fromyourfriends in blue) • Power Nap feature (need a short nap?Justactivate this and Mi Band will wake you up by vibrationswhenyou're done resting) • Idle Alerts (you can set an alert sotheband will buzz you if you've been inactive for some time). Youcanalso control the interval, time frame and inactivity threshold•Configurable notifications times (even separately for weekends)andconditions (globally and per notification) • Advancedsettings(disable non-interactive notifications, shake to dismisspower nap,disable in silence mode, disable while screen is on, ...)• Missednotifications (notification is not lost when you are out ofreachof your phone, you will get the last missed notificationonreconnect) • Fully customizable widgets (daily fitnessgoalprogress, bracelet battery, etc). • Export/Import Settings (toyourstorage or to the cloud) • Tasker, Automagic, Automate andLocalesupport (advanced and fully customizable action plugins) •Designedcompletely according to Google's Material Design guidelinesandbest practices in mind • Many of 'those little things',forexample, application automatically detects the dominant color ofanapplication icon / contact picture and preselects it for you•Fully supports all original Mi Band bracelets (includingthewhite-only 1A version for which Mi Band Tools automaticallyadjuststhe user interface to match the features supported by thisbraceletversion) • Works on all Android versions from 4.3 to 9+ •Many andmany more yet to come! Localization: Please help ustranslate MiBand Tools into your language by translating somephrases on Thank you!Twitter: Important: If you have any problemwiththis application, please contact us on [email protected] rating and we will help you resolve your issue.
VeryFitPro 2.3.23
1.Key features include the monitoring exercise, sleepqualitymonitoring, heart rate monitor, a smart alarm clock to wakeup,smart APP reminders. 2.App Live View can display movingsteps,calorie consumption, etc. 3.Users can record the depth ofsleeptime, help the user to monitor the quality of sleep. 4.Datacan besynchronized to Google Fit.
Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking
Google LLC
Get to a healthier and more active life with the new GoogleFit!It's hard to know how much or what kind of activity you needtostay healthy. That's why Google Fit worked with the WorldHealthOrganization (WHO) and the American Heart Association (AHA)tobring you two new activity goals that can help improve yourhealth:Move Minutes and Heart Points • Move Minutes When it comesto yourhealth, it's important to move more and sit less. Earn MoveMinutesfor all of your activity and get motivated to make small,healthierchanges throughout your day, like taking the stairsinstead of theelevator, or catching up with a friend over a walkinstead of acoffee. • Heart Points Activities that get your heartpumpingharder have tremendous health benefits for your heart andmind.You'll earn one Heart Point for each minute of moderateactivity,like picking up the pace when walking your dog, and doublepointsfor more intense activities like running. It takes just 30minutesof brisk walking five days a week to reach the AHA andWHO'srecommended amount of physical activity, which is shown toreducethe risk of heart disease, improve sleep, and increaseoverallmental well-being. Google Fit will also help you: TRACKYOURWORKOUTS FROM YOUR PHONE OR WATCH Get instant insights whenyouexercise and see real-time stats for your runs, walks, andbikerides. Fit will use your Android phone's sensors or Wear OSbyGoogle smartwatch's heart rate sensors to record your speed,pace,route, and more. MONITOR YOUR GOALS See your daily progressforHeart Points and Move Minutes. Meeting your goals each day?Basedon your activity and goal progress, Google Fit will help youadjustthem so you can keep challenging yourself to achieve ahealthyheart and mind. MAKE ALL YOUR MOVEMENT COUNT If you walk,run, orbike during the day, your Android phone or Wear OS byGooglesmartwatch will automatically detect and add your activitiestoyour Google Fit journal to ensure you get credit for everymove.Enjoy a different type of workout? Select it from a listofactivities like pilates, rowing, or spinning, and Google Fitwilltrack all the Heart Points and Move Minutes you earn. GETCOACHINGTHAT FITS YOU Get customized tips and actionable coaching,likehelp adjusting your goals based on your activity CONNECT WITHYOURFAVORITE APPS AND DEVICES Fit can show you info from many ofyourfavorite apps and devices to give you a holistic view ofyourhealth, so you'll never lose track of your progress. TheseincludeLifesum, Wear OS by Google, Nike+, Runkeeper, Strava,MyFitnessPal,Lifesum, Basis, Sleep as Android, Withings, Xiaomi Mibands, andmore. CHECK IN AT ANY TIME See a snapshot of youractivity historyacross Fit and your integrated apps in theredesigned journal.Learn more about Google Fit and see a list ofsupported apps
Fitbit, Inc.
The free Fitbit app is designed to work with Fitbitactivitytrackers and smart scales. GET ACTIVE. EAT BETTER. MANAGEWEIGHT.SLEEP BETTER. - Wirelessly SYNC your Blaze, Alta, Alta HR,Charge2, Flex 2, Surge, Charge HR, Charge, Flex, Aria, One or Ziptrackerwith your Android device. - Track your DAILY GOALS andprogressover time for STEPS, DISTANCE, CALORIES BURNED and more -Use GPSto track your RUNS, WALKS & HIKES - LOG ACTIVITIES likeYOGAand WORKOUTS to keep you on track - LOG FOOD to see howmanyCALORIES you consume each day, and manage your WEIGHT over time-COMPETE with FRIENDS with daily or weekly CHALLENGES andcomparestats - ALL DAY HEART RATE TRACKING with Fitbit Surge andCharge HRLearn more about Fitbit activity trackers and smart See list of supported
Mi Band Master 2.4.6
Mi Band Master — awesome application for working with asmartbracelet Mi Band. Inconceivable functional, interestingdesign,great potential — all of these are collected in MBM. Now youcanuse Mi Band at the maximum! Steps and heart rate charts,sleepanalysis, smart alarm clock, using the button, notificationsofcalls, SMS, apps, output information on display, detailedsettings,firmware, weather — just the list part of allpossibilities MBM. MiBand Master can work with all versions of thebracelet Mi Band 1 /1A / 1S / 2 / 2 HRX / 3 / 3 NFC. And alsotogether with theoriginal application Mi Fit or without. DownloadMi Band Master andtry out all application capabilities of smartbracelet Mi Band!Before writing a review or letter with a question/ error /problem, read the FAQ, which is located on the Settingspage. It isvery likely that you will find the answer there.LOCALIZATION:Please help me translate that program into yourlanguage on
Connect your smart devices:Open the bluetooth, From “menu” into“mysetting” page. Add your device to the page. In this way, youcanrecord your steps and the calories expended inrunning.Homepage:Enter the main page, You can record your stepsandcalories by connecting with Bluetooth. The movement of therelatedinformation can be statistics and recorded. You can checkyourrunning message consulting the date. You can press the “syn”buttonon the right to synchronize those message into Yum, on whichyoucan share message others. You can switch into “sleep mode” ontheleft, through which will help to monitor you sleep patternsandsleep efficiency . Ranking: You have to register and loginaccountwhen you check the ranking, upload your own movementinformation to“Yum” services when you login in account, you canview your rankfrom all the movement, containing the day ranking,week ranking,month ranking. Add personal information: By Choosing“+” button onthe bottom, You can record your personal message suchas“weight,height and running condition” in the popup window , andyoucan locate your running trace through GPS. . Find: You canchoose avariety of fitness plans. Widget:In "mine" page, there aredatacenter, water reminds, mobile phone steps, intelligent alarm,andso on. Excellent GPS, Running with you; Ranking Info, Justonetouch to share with mor; Switch on cell phone, start up withCloud;
Fix-it for Mi Band 2 4.0
Can't get official app working anymore? Are you getting "Bandispaired by another person. Ask them to unpair it and tryagain"message when trying pairing your band? With this app you cangetworking your bricked band with Notify & Fitness app.Justinstall it, search your band and pair it! Once paired, youcanuninstall this app and use our free Notify & Fitnessapp:, this app will not allow fix pairing issue on officialapp.
Yoho Sports 20.31.00
mCube Inc.
The Yoho Sports bracelet is a smart device that can detectandevaluate people's movement, sleep quality, can help peopletobetter understand and adjust their daily life and work.Braceletfeatures: support for exercise, sleep statistics.
Smart Wristband
"SmartWristBand" APP is an application which can automaticallysyncsSmart band data to phones and network. This gives userreal-timeaccess to sport stats on the Smart band dashboardthroughout theday. "SmartWristBand" APP tracks user sleep time,help to improveyour sleep quality.
Wearfit 2.8.9
Wearfit application smart bracelet, bracelet with intelligent usetomanage your daily number of steps, sleeping, it can alsoremindcalls in daily life, SMS messages, social reminder, it canevenprovide you with 24-hour heart rate, blood oxygen, bloodpressuremeasurements and fatigue , give relevant advice and tipsfor yourhealth escort.
Mi Band Control 1.1.3
Mind Studios
Mi Band Control: Easy-to-use Companion for your Mi BandDevice.CoreFeatures:• Custom Vibrations for Apps & Contacts•History ofNotifications • Simple AlarmsSupported devices:Mi BandColorMi BandWhite 1AMi Band Pulse 1SMi Band 2 (In progress)OurStoryIdea ofthis app is pretty simple. We decided to build Mi BandControl appto solve our own problem.We are software developmentcompany andmost of our team members have Xiaomi Mi Band. We believethat ourapp could improve user experience and we can get more fromourdevices.. So we used our wide experience in mobile developmenttobuilt this app.What are our main values:*simple and intuitiveuserinterface*most important features included to first versionsofapp*desire to continue development and improve appList offeatureswe wanted to implement is dramatically long and in thisFIRSTversions of app we decided to start with the basic features tomakesure we are on the right track. So we are looking forwardtogetting your feedback!Our Users Say:*Great Easy to useandlovely.Albert Ablorh*Thank you so much!!! Everythingworks,everything is simple, clear and helpful !!!!Wasser Tuz*Averypromising application. It is evident that the developerswerethinking when they made each function. Functionality is farfromcomplete. But I hope that the application is stillunderdevelopment.Alex*Very useful application. I use this appalmostevery day for business calls and it makes my life easier.Also ithas good design and usability.Pavel TiunovFound someissue?We areready to help! Please contact using [email protected] and we will reply you as soon aswecan.Follow Us: App is in noway associated with Xiaomi.
Notify & Fitness for Amazfit 8.0.14
*** TOP FEATURES *** - Pace/Stratos/Verge full support -Textdisplay support (caller name, Whatsapp messages, contactnames,...) - Workout session: analyze each your workout sessions(steps,heart, calories, GPS) - Button custom actions (next musictrack,...) - Widgets, custom reminders, custom alarms, .... -Custom wakeme up and power nap alarms - Customize notifications foreachcontact (mom, friends, ...) - Ignore unwantednotifications(Whatsapp groups, ...) - Anti-loss phone feature -Tasker (andsimilar app) support FREE FEATURES: - Sleep as Androidsupport -Heart monitor (without keep phone near band) - Steps,sleep, heart,calories, weight data tracking and analysis - Basicapp and callnotification support - Setup up to 8 alarms - Mi Scale1 & 2basic support - Firmware update Band supported: - AmazfitBip LiteYouth - Amazfit Mi Dong Cor - Amazift Arc - Amazfit Pace(officialapp required) - Amazfit Stratos (official app required) -AmazfitVerge (official app required) Official app is not required.Getvibrations and flashes on your band when you receive anotificationon your smartphone, you'll never miss any call or yourfriends'messages. You can personalize the notification of allincoming andmissed calls and you will instantly be notified eachtime youreceive an SMS or a Whatsapp message. Other cool featureshave beenadded: * schedule heart monitor * export your data tospreadsheet *sync data to Google Fit * get alerts on too low or toohigh heartrates Disclaimer: This App is in no way associated withXiaomi,Huami and Amazfit. This app includes no warranty. Amazfit isatrademark of Xiaomi and Huami. FAQ Question: App can't findband?Solution: Please try to re-pair your band with phone onoriginalapp, then retry on this app. Question: High battery drainof bandSolution: Please reduce use of vibration as it drains muchbatterythan led. Try disable stable connection option onsettings.Question: App doesn't works correctly Solution: Pleasecheck youare not running any battery saver app like Greenify orsimilar.Also CM unlocker has been reported as incompatible for someusersFor any other problem/suggestion email me mat90c atgmail.comCurrently languages: - Catalan - Czech - German - Spanish- French- Hungarian - Italian - Korean - Polish - Portuguese -Romanian -Russian - Slovak - Ukrainian - Chinese - Indonesian -VietnameseThank for all contributors!
ZeFit4 1.4.0
** THIS APP REQUIRES ZeFit4 or ZeFit4HR ACTIVITY TRACKER TO BEUSED** ZeFit4 is a stylish activity tracker with color touchscreenthattells the time, tracks steps, distance, calories burned andsleepquality. From ZeFit4 free mobile app, you can choose a watchfacefrom a variety of designs, set daily goals and reminders butalsomonitor your results on a daily basis. The app helps you toset-upa fitness routine, giving you the possibility to adjust yourgoalsand check your results on a daily basis. Suffering from a lackofmotivation? If you have been inactive for too long,ZeFit4“Inactivity Alert” encourages you to move about throughoutthe daywith a gentle vibrating reminder. When synced to asmartphone viaBluetooth, ZeFit4 shows notifications of calls, SMS,emails,calendar events and social media activity. ZeFit4 gives youtheability to control your music and take pictures from yourwatch,without having to look at your phone. In addition, ZeFit4featuresan Anti-theft alarm that alerts you when your paired deviceis toofar away and a “Find my phone” function that helps you totrack itdown. Staying connected has never been easier. * FEATURES *- Keeptrack of your daily activity - Monitor your sleep - Checkyourperformance level and analyze your progress with theactivitydashboard 
- Get notified on your wrist (SMS, emails,calendarevent, social media) - Set up daily goals
- Set dailyreminders -Anti-lost alert 
- Find your phone 
- Take picturesremotely -Music control - Watch faces selection - Wireless synch
To learnmore about ZeFit4 and ZeFit4 HR: www.mykronoz.comSystemrequirements: Select Android 5.0+ devices or laterversions.Bluetooth BLE 4.0.
Fundo Bracelet 2.5.0
The transfer of health bracelet, movement is a set of records,heartrate monitors, sleep monitoring, and other functions in oneof thehealth management class APP. You can use the app + smartbracelet(Watch) to achieve movement, sleep, heart rate, alarmclock,reminders and other functions sedentary. Use hands-minuteloop(Fundo Bracelet) app, you can: (1) third-party real-timepushmessaging app. (2) recording movement data, calorie consumption(3)record the daily sleep, heart rate situation. (4) yourstatisticsdaily, monthly data, historical data at a glance. (5) canbe setmoving target, encourage yourself daily exercise. (6) motiondatacan be synchronized to the cloud splitter, to provide you withapermanent data storage.
SmartBand 1.3.4
This is used with the smart wristband. By using Bluetooth 4.0,itconnects with the wristband and upload user's activity data tothephone.This app aims to help user monitor their activity bysettinggoals.
Veryfit 2.0 V2.0.35
VeryFit2.0 main functions include check exercise, monitoringthesleep quality, intelligent alarm clock wake up, etc. Applicationofreal-time view through physical activity and calorieconsumption,monitoring the effect of walking and running. WhenVeryFit2.0entered the sleep state monitoring, record the deep andshallowsleep, then sleep time, sleep help users to monitor theirsleepquality. Because the application needs to implement thebackgroundto remind, so has been running in the background.
DayDay Band
Smart Wear
DayDay Band can help you record all-day events, calculatedistanceand calories walking and jogging consumption; monitorsleepautomatically determine sleep time!steps , distance andcaloriesrecord and analyze Coming call and SMS reminder IntelligentalarmIntelligent anti lost One key to camera ShakephotographIntelligent unlock Find phone Share healthy data QQ,Weixinreminder in android system SUOTA update Attentions
Amazfit Bip & Cor WatchFaces 7.9.2
Tired of being crazy in the net for having to find new andappealingwatchface for your Amazfit Fit Bip? From today, thanks totheapplication "Amazfit Bip Watchfaces" by ilgruppotester you willfindall the watchfaces cataloged for language translation,downloadablewith just one click and ready in a few seconds to beflashed usingMi Fit. In addition you will have your favoritewatchface alwaysavailable and stored in your smartphone,identifiable by theirdedicated preview. What are you waiting for?Are you still browsingthrough the myriad of sources available onthe net, looking forthose translated into the language of yourchoice? Open, choose,download with a click and ... ..install! :)Credit to ilgruppotester
youBand 5.0.7
youBand is healthy people to build the company specifically forthemovement of multi-functional sports health monitoringintelligentwear APP. Monitoring sleep status, heart rate, as wellas the stepsand so on a number of sports health data, Anotherreminder, mobilephone message to remind function, convenient andconsiderate, makehealth sports enthusiasts multidimensional masterhealth and keephealthy.
Huawei Health
Huawei Health provides professional sports guidance foryoursport(Phones with Android 4.4 and above are supported, but theRAMneed to be greater than 2G). 1. Support walking, running,cyclingmode, record running track, heart rate, trajectory, withspeed andother sports data. 2. Support from 5 km to the marathonrunningtraining program. 3. With Huawei Wear APP data integration,toprovide a complete, unified sports and health services.
Mi Band 2 Music&Camera Control 1.0.6
This is an application that uses hidden features bands Mi Band2.Change the music using Mi Band 2 button.If you want to helpwiththe translation, I will be grateful :)This is the sitefortranslations and my project:
Joywear 1.1.3
Joywear application can work with Oraimo's smartbracelet,withintelligent use to manage your daily number of steps,sleeping, itcan also remind calls in daily life, SMS messages,social networksreminder,it can even co-work with your smartphone totake photos.
Mi Heart rate with Smart Alarm - be fit Band 6.47
We finally delivered Smart Alarm for Mi Band 2. Download the appandsleep well my friend. Did you know about Awake Assistant?Downloadthe app and check cool hidden features. Our app broadensabilitiesof Xiaomi Mi Band 1s Pulse / Mi Band 2 / Mi Band 3pulsometer. NowYou can measure Your heart rate with these bandscontinuously! Justestablish the desired training result - fatburning or muscledevelopment - and Mi HR’ll accompany you duringYour training,advising to increase or decrease the intensity.You’ll stay in atarget heart rate zone and enjoy Your workout atthe same time!After the workout You can check the heart rate datain a separategraph in the MiHR app. This will help you to accessthe changes anddraw useful for the following workouts conclusions.In order todecrease battery usage Mi Heart Rate measures Yourheart rate alsoat set frequency (e.g., every 5 min.). We know thatmany sport fanstrack their activities and achievements with theirfavorite fitnesstrackers. Thinking about them we have addedsynchronization Mi Band1s, Mi Band 2 and Mi Band 3 with suchfitness trackers. In addition,Mi HR users can export their heartrate data into the Google Fitapp. Mi Heart Rate users can alsobenefit from «heart rate alarm»that notifies of high heart rateduring workout and everyday life.Trying to make the applicationavailable to all users, we provided afree version of Mi HR with a10-minute continuous heart ratemeasurement. When this time expireda user can always renew themeasurement. Just like Mi HR uses,we’re improving every day addingnew useful features to the app. Wepay special attention to thePremium Members’ needs. They enjoy thepossibility of unlimitedcontinuous heart rate measuring. Inaddition to that they use GeoAlarm feature. In addition, Mi HeartRate helps its user to stayawake (“awake assistance”). Anapplication needs Xiaomi Mi Band 1s /Mi Band 2 / Mi Band 3 towork. This is not an official Xiaomi appand is not anyhow relatedto Xiaomi company. As always, we ask Youto inform us about any BUGvia email [email protected] prior topublication of any negativereviews. We will be happy to correct anyreported BUG. Together wecreate a high quality product that isbeneficial for Your healthand easy and comfortable in usage! Justuse MiHR and be fit! ;-) MiHR Team
BLE Scanner 3.16
No.1 Scanner Utility for Bluetooth Low Energy, iBeacon andEddystonedevices. ======================================== Over650,000+downloads ================== Helping Bluetooth community,developersand users. ====================================== BLEScanner wasdeveloped with a vision to help Bluetooth community,developers whowants to build BLE products & applications. BLEScanner is usedby not only developers but also users are using itto find theirlost Fitness Trackers and other Bluetooth SmartDevices. MainFeatures Bluetooth Scanner ===================== #Scan near byBluetooth Low Energy, iBeacon and Eddystone devices. #AddedPeripheral (Advertising) Mode. # Create your customperipheral, Addcustom services & characteristics. # Advertiseyour phone asEddystone UID, URI and TLM. # Customize Eddystoneconfiguration forUID, URI and TLM. # Find your BLE device inproximity using Radarview & unique device colors. # Filterdevices by Name, MacAddress and RSSI. # History of all devicesdiscovered. Find outwhich device was discovered when withdiscovery Time. # DeleteHistory options in history tab. # ExportHistory data into sdcard. #RSSI Pool helps to find out how faryour devices are. Lower thenumber the closer you are to the sourcei.e. -25 very near and -80is far from your BLE devices. #Favorites your devices. # ExploreServices & Characteristics ofconnected device. # Perform Read,Write, Notify & Indicate. #Check device compatibility for BLE.# Export history data as CSVformat. # Write more than 20 Byte data.# Add logical name of yourdevice. # Copy to clipboard of MACAddress. # Find your lostbluetooth or BLE device. # New PeripheralProfile Integrated i.e.Heart rate, Blood pressure # QR Code scannerintegrated. Knownissue:- - Some times when Android phone advertiseas peripheralthen it is unable to connect in iOS devices. But it isconnecteasily in another android devices. Follow us on:Facebook: Comments, questions orsuggestions?Mail us: [email protected] or
Step Tracker - Pedometer, Daily Walking Tracker 1.7.1
Best free pedometer to track your daily steps, walking countsteps,calculate your walking distance from our step tracker -Aneasy-to-use pedometer, step counter & walker tracker app.Allthis information will be displayed in graphs clearly. Everystepcounts. Just enter our app and start your daily steps plan,then itstarts count your steps automatically. It can auto-recordyoursteps when your phone is with you, even your screen is lockedoryour phone isn’t in your hands. Key Features: ❤ Real-timeStepCounter Record your daily fitness activities(number ofsteps,distance, speed etc.)Built-in pedometer tracks your steps asyouwalk. ❤Social Steps Ranking Ranking daily steps, compete withyourfriends here, walk more and occupy your friends’ cover. Inviteyourfriends to do exercise together. ❤ Customized Fitness Plan Setyourpersonal goals for duration, distance, calories orintervaltraining. Monitor your progress and adjust your scheduleanytime,anywhere. ❤ Personal Health Report Track habits and more.Customizeyour daily reporting time, get your daily steps andranking reportson time automatically. ❤ Smart Notification Alertsyou can checkyour process in notification bar to track your walkprocess always.Track your steps and activity. Make every stepcount. ❤ColorfulThemes Multi colorful themes will be changeddepends on time of theday. You can explore morning、day & night3 different thememodes to enjoy your step counting experience withthis steptracker. ❤Fashion Design you will experience easy UI withMaterialDesign, and our step tracker design will be improved byusers’opinions timely. ❤Continuous Achievements System Count yourstepsand improve the accuracy of step counting to upgrade yourlevel.Set goal, get achievement and level up. How to EffectivelyUse StepTracker ⚡ Adjust step counter sensitivity to set your ownfitnessplan base on your personal condition. ⚡ Connect to Facebookandrank with your friends here. Establish friendly competitionstomotivate each other. ⚡ You can check your real-time stepsbysetting a fixed banner in your notification bar. ⚡ Start, Pauseandstop step counting more easily as you wish. Check youractivatetime and access to the number of steps flexibly. 👣 Startwalkingwith step counting and activity tracking. Start your Walkingfortraining plan now. Improve your physical fitness, strengthenheartrate and lung function, improve muscle strength throughsimpleoperations.
Health & Fitness Tracker with Calorie Counter
Health Infinity is an all in one health & fitness trackerthathelps you reach your health goals, lose weight, make betterfoodchoices & keep you fit. Why is Health Infinity the bestHealth& Fitness app out there? Weight loss tracker, waterintake withreminders, calorie counter, activities, exercises &workouttracker, sleep tracker, heart rate monitor, stepcounter(pedometer), medication reminder and so much more in asingle app.Simply put, there is no other health app like this inthe WORLD! Domore with Health Infinity: • Set goals for - Weightloss, Weightgain, Macronutrients, Calories, Water intake, Sleeptime &Daily step count. • Eat better with built-in CalorieCounter withover 2 Million foods. Create custom foods & meals.• GetReminders to help you drink enough water. • Track over100activities, exercises & workouts. Track a new activity andseethe calories burned in real-time using activity tracker. •RecordGPS-based activities with precise stats like pace, route,distance& calories burned. • Monitor your heart rate accuratelyusingmobile's camera and flash. Any-time. Anywhere. • Improve yoursleepusing our automatic Sleep Tracker. It works based on thesensors inyour device. No need to start or stop manually! • Neverforget apill again - Medication Reminder makes it so easy to trackandremember your meds. • Built-in BMI Calculator with BMI Charttocheck your category. • Calculate Ideal Weight, Body Fat,MetabolicRate, Muscle, Target Heart Rate & much more. • UseTags to addadditional information to your tracking. Create customtags as peryour need. • Connect to Google Fit and sync your healthdata withother apps. • Supports both metric & imperial units. •Noexternal hardware required. • We’re constantly adding newfeatureswhile many other apps keep doing just one thing. Don’t riskleavingyour precious health data on apps that go stale. WeightLossTracker Health Infinity makes Weight Loss easy by helpingyouchange your lifestyle and mindset - Lose weight naturally andburnfat effortlessly. And it is proven too! Thousands of peopleusedHealth Infinity to reduce weight and get fitter. Challenges:Realpersonal fitness trainer with push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups&squats Workout challenges. 3 Levels for each Challenge. Nomanualinput needed. Works based on the sensors in your mobile. 24/7StepCounter (Pedometer): Track your daily step count. Keep mobileinthe trouser pocket, hand or jacket. Uses hardware stepdetector(Pedometer) in 4.4+ devices to reduce batteryconsumption.Sensor-Fusion/Accelerometer based algorithms to improvetheaccuracy of devices without step detector. Permissions: Contacts-Google Sign-in. Camera - Measure your Heart Rate. Location -TrackGPS based activities. Storage - Save charts to phone storage.Wantto lose weight fast & easily? Try our Weight Loss Coach. Itisa personal Diet Coach powered by A.I to help you lose weightinless than 30days.• Your health is important to us. This application is NOTintendedto be a substitute for getting medical advice ortreatinghealth-related problems. • GPS Map activity only supportsWalking,Running & Cycling. • Push-ups, Pull-ups, Sit-ups &Squats -3 levels of challenge available. • Some features requirePROaccess. • Barcode Scanner is available to use with CalorieCounter• Please get in touch with us, if you have any [email protected] Privacy Policy- ♥ by Droid Infinity!
Mi Band 2 Func Button 2.4.4
It allows you to configure a function on a single, double andtripletap of the button. Also you could set a function on agesture ofyour wrist rotation. The following options are availableat themoment: * Ability to play, stop, switch to the next/previousmusictrack for the most famous music players. * Set a timer. Youcouldalso set a time interval for an intermediate vibration. *Sendingcommands to Tasker * Hang up, mute and answer a call. *Activatevibration on the phone. * Start the alarm sound on thephone. *Adjust the volume level. For every kind of tap, you couldconfigurea response in the form of a vibration. FULL versiondisables thelimit on the number of taps. If the program does notsee thepurchase, then restart the phone. WARNING! Mi Band 3 issupports theold method, but it can only detect one press and onlywhen thescreen of band is off! If you lose connection: It isnecessary toturn off the power saving of the phone. Fix theprogram in memory sothat it does not unload. Allow the program towork in thebackground. Pair a bracelet in the Bluetooth systemsettings. Addthe program to autoload.
Share Music & Transfer Files - Mi Drop 1.8.7
Xiaomi Inc.
🔥Mi Drop - An ad-free P2P file transfer tool that workswithoutconnecting to the internet -Support all Android devices-Sharefiles without internet or mobile data usage -Send and receivealltypes of files -200 times faster than Bluetooth, the highestspeedgoes up to 50M/s -Share files in 1 tap, without complicatedstep-Intuitive and user-friendly UI. [Main features] Transfer&share all kinds of files Quickly share images, videos, music,apps,and files between mobile devices anytime and anywhere youwant.Transfer all kinds of files to your friends in few seconds.Sharefiles without the Internet Transfer files without using mobiledataor connecting to the network at all. Free of networkconnection.Free of internet. Free of mobile data. Lightning fastspeed Mi Droptransfers files really fast, 200 times faster thanBluetooth.Transfer files between all Android devices All Androiddevices aresupported! Use the preinstalled version of Mi Drop on MiDevices orsimply download the app from Google Play. Intuitive andfriendly UIMi Drop has simple, clean, and user-friendly transferfilesinterface. All files are sorted into categories(e.g., Music,Apps,Images) which makes them easy to find and share. Resumeinterruptedtransfers No worries if your transfer got interrupteddue to asudden error. You can resume it with a simple tap withoutstartingover. The only Ad-Free file transfer tool in market TheonlyAd-Free file transfer tool in market. Simply UI makes youfeelcomfortable. Send large files without limitation Sharingphotos,music, videos, apps, documents and any other file typesofunlimited file size. Multiple languages supported:BahasaIndonesia, Bengali, Chinese, English, Español, Português,ру́сскийязы́к, українська мова, Tiếng Việt Like us and stayconnected!Welcome to give us your feedback to :[email protected]
Mi Community - Xiaomi Forum 4.0.1
Mi Community is our official community forum, theultimateplayground for our Mi Fans to hang out together. It’s whereallyour questions or doubts about our Xiaomi products willgetanswered and where you can get the latest news and happeningsaboutXiaomi. More importantly, it is the perfect place to interactwithother hardcore Mi Fans like you! With Mi Community, you willbeable to join events, share your reviews, photos and meet newpeoplewith your same interests, but most importantly, have fun!!!Withthe Mi Community app, you can expect: ● Mobile optimizedreadingexperience of Mi Community on your phone ● Creating andreplyingthreads to be much easier with native thread publishingtools ●Built in messenger, now you can chat with Mi Communitymembers onthe go! (Why not drop me a message?) ● Weekly contestsand newdiscussion topics surrounding tech launches ● Most updatednewsabout Xiaomi's new products Mi community forum is rich incontentwith diverse sections, such as product-related sections ofRedmiNote 4, and Mi Band 2; MIUI related sections of Tips andTricks andMIUI Flashing Guide; as well as Mi Fan Club section. Withso manyinteresting sections that we offer, you will find yourinterestshere. This app requires the following permissions: ●Wi-Fi: Toallow the Mi Community app to connect to available Wi-Finetworksfor faster browsing ● Device state: To identify thescreen-size,android version, and analyze app crashes for improvingoverallperformance. ● Files and Storage: To cache images forbetterperformance. ● Push notifications: To notify users withupcomingthreads, news, replies, and PMs. Here are some reviews forMiCommunity: ● Kalpesh Patel: This app useful mi mobiles userveryuseful. ● Shashidhar J: MI community is a helpful communitywhichwe can share, win, show talent, everything. It's a good forumInever seen from other mobile company. ● Parth Gudhka: Great appforxiaomi lovers. You will get every information about xiaomiproductsand MIUI here. ● Karthik: It's best forum I ever used, loveMiCommunity. ● Nitesh Dm: Mi is awesome!! Best products..Bestquality.. Best UI.. Everything is just superb.. Keep it going..Youguys rock! And we'd love to hear any suggestions, questionsorcomments. Mail us at [email protected]
H Band 2.0 3.4.2
H Band 2.0 is your companion app for your smart accessories.Theeasy synchronization with your smart watch allows you to trackallyour activities. H Band 2.0 creates a data history for you, soevenafter weeks you have a detailed overview over your pastexercises HBand 2.0 is your companion app for your smartaccessories. The easysynchronization with your smart watch allowsyou to track all youractivities. H Band 2.0 creates a data historyfor you, so evenafter weeks you have a detailed overview over yourpast exercises
Mi Home 5.4.50
Xiaomi Inc.
Manage and communicate to devices. Connect devices tonetwork.Connect devices to each other. tips: device support aredifferentin different areas, please refer to product manual orofficialwebsite
File Manager : free and easily V1-190128
Xiaomi Inc.
Mi File Manager is a free, secure tool that helps you findfilefaster, manage files easily, and share them offline withothers. Itsupports tons of cool features: quick search, moving,deleting,opening, and sharing files, as well as renaming,unzipping, andcopy-paste. Mi File Manager also recognizes multiplefile formats,including music, videos, images, documents, APKs, andzip-files. Weupdate our app regularly to bring you the bestexperience. With MiFile Manager’s crisp and clear UI, filemanagement becomes easierthan ever before! Key features Recent:View the files you workedwith recently without looking for them.Categories: Files areorganized into categories by their formats.From there, you canaccess to frequently used apps quickly. Storage:View your storagestats and manage all folders on your device.Cleaner: Free upstorage space on your device by deleting cache andjunk files. MiDrop: Share files with friends who are nearby withoutconnecting tothe Internet. Global search: Enter keywords to findfiles. Multiplefile formats support: Open videos, music, documents,APKs, andcompressed files with one tap. File compression: Compressanddecompress ZIP/RAR archives. Manage multiple files: Selectmultiplefiles for the same operation. Multiple languages supported:BahasaIndonesia, Bengali, Chinese, English, Español, Português,ру́сскийязы́к, українська мова, Tiếng Việt
Mi Band 2/3 & Amazfit Selfie 3.5
Aleh Tsitou
This simple app turns Mi Band 2/3/HRX & Amazfit Bip/Arc asaremote shutter to your phone's cameraReview inEnglish inHindi dalamBahasaIndonesia theapp doesnot connect to Mi Band 2 or is connected, but does notwork, youneed to turn Bluetooth off and on, and after that the appwillconnect and work stably.This app only works with theapps:OpenCamera( Camera( MAC of your Mi Band 2/3/HRX & Amazfit Bip/Arc andpressCONNECT and wait until DISCONNECT appears. When the braceletisconnected, it vibrates.Then open the app Free Camera andclickbutton on the bracelet.You can see the MAC in the app Mi Fit-Profile - Devices Mi Band 2/Amazfit - MAC below.
Zeroner 2.2.4
Zeroner is the new Application dedicated to Health and Fitnessthathelps the Users to keep track of daily performances:•Pedometer/Steps calculation• Calories burnt counter•Distance/Timecalculation• Sleep monitorZeroner supports a stylishbraceletavailable in different colors equipped with a 3D sensorandBluetooth 4.0 that allows it to connect with iOS and AndroidSmartPhones.Once connected to the Smart Phone, user can also enjoyPhoneCall and SMS notification through bracelet vibration.
QR & Barcode Scanner
Gamma Play
QR & Barcode Scanner is the fastest QR / barcode scanneroutthere. QR & Barcode Scanner is an essential app foreveryAndroid device. QR & Barcode Scanner / QR code readerisextremely easy to use; simply point to QR or barcode you wanttoscan and app will automatically detect and scan it. No needtopress any buttons, take photos or adjust zoom. QR &BarcodeScanner can scan and read all QR / barcode types includingtext,url, ISBN, product, contact, calendar, email, location, Wi-Fiandmany other formats. After scan and automatic decoding userisprovided with only the relevant options for individual QRorBarcode type and can take appropriate action. You can even useQR& Barcode Scanner to scan coupons / coupon codes toreceivediscounts and save some money. Scan product barcodes with QR&Barcode Scanner in shops and compare prices with online pricestosave money. QR & Barcode Scanner app is the only QR codereader/ barcode scanner you will ever need. ► Like us onFacebook: ► Follow us onTwitter:
Pedometer & Fitness Tracker 1.9.0
All-in-one fitness & activity tracker for your diet, weightlossand health! Track your walk steps, sleep, heart rate and more24/7.It's 100% Free. No smart band or gadgets required. Workwithoutinternet connection and GPS.FEATURES✔ Pedometer counts yourwalk runsteps 24/7✔ Sleep Tracker automatically detects how longyou sleeplast night with "Good Morning" greeting✔ Calorie Counterrecognizesdaily activity tracking and counts calories burnedautomatically foryour weight loss✔ Weight Tracker tracks yourweight loss and dieteasily with BMI calculator✔ Place Trackerlifelog the places andlocation you visited with low battery impact(less than 5%). Bestfor time tracking.✔ Route Tracker records howmuch you move(car,flight,bike/cycling) and shows routes on themap. Best formileage tracking.✔ Fitness Tracker recognizes yourmotion of diverseexercises and sports workout (squat, push up, situp, hula hoop,jump rope, elliptical, treadmill) beyond walk steps.Need ARMBAND.swimming, dancing, boxing, yoga, weighttraining/lifting added✔Heart Rate Monitor accurately detects yourheart rate pulse based oncamera. No daily limit onmeasurementDIFFERENTIATION• IN-DEPTHANALYTICS (top 5 place/route,sleep, walk pattern with daily/weeklytrend)• AUTOMATIC fitnessworkout tracker (vs. Manual input-basedtracker)• MINIMAL batterydrain (vs. GPS-based tracker)• PRIVACYfirst, store data only inyour phone (vs. Server-based tracker)•100% FREE, NO externalgadgets or smart bands required (vs.Gadget-based tracker)• NO SYNCto server or gadget / smart bands ,and thus much more responsive •ADVANCED motion recognition ofexercises (vs. Pedometer-onlytracker)• EASY to share your favoriteplaces and location history(vs. GPS location-only tracker)NOTES•For sports and fitnessworkout trackers, please wear any ARMBANDwith your phone andREPEAT the gestures at least 5 times. Need toclick start buttonfor the first run• In some phones, fitnesstracker is not supporteddue to sensor and form factor limitation(except bike or cycling)•Pedometer for Nexus 5 and other latestphones uses hardware stepcounter for minimal battery consumption•Weight loss tracking isnot automatic, but manual. Click pencil iconto add your weight•For sleep tracker, you don't have to put yourphone in the bed.Just act as usual (e.g., phone in the desk withoutmovement).Currently, no support for daytime sleep.• For heart ratepulsemonitor, place and lightly hold your fingertip on the backcameralens until measurement screen becomes RED. If your phone doesnothave flashlight, please measure in well-lit region foraccurateheart rate measurement.ABOUT USSenseMe is designed as anultimatelife logging and quantified-self app, especially focusingon walkfitness, diet and health. SenseMe is currently beta version.We'dappreciate your valuable feedback. Please, report bugs orrequestfeatures to [email protected] Have fun with SenseMe!
SmartBand SWR10
This is the official Sony application for SmartBand SWR10. Withthisapp, you can decide how your SmartBand should interact withyoursmartphone and which life-logging functions should beenabled.Beforeyou install SmartBand SWR10, you will need toinstall Smart Connect™from Sony, a popular device-to-deviceconnectivity app for yoursmartphone. You will also need Lifelog,an innovative and animatedlife-logging app from Sony. Lifelog letsyou set activity goals,track logged activities and view and editlife bookmarks.When youhave installed the SmartBand SWR10 app, itwill not appear on yourhome screen. Instead, it will be integratedinto Smart Connect.TheSmartBand SWR10 app is optimized for SonyXperia™ smartphonesrunning Android™ 4.4 or later. Functionalitymay not be optimal whenusing SmartBand SWR10 with othersmartphones. Factory reset on SWR10required after OS update onsmartphone or when you changephones.SmartBand is an innovativelife logging wrist band that letsyou keep track of everything youdo – your movements, yourcommunication, your entertainment.If youwant to develop apps or appextensions for SmartBand SWR10 or otherinnovative Sony smartphoneaccessories, go applicationuses analyticssoftware to collect and aggregate statistics to helpus improvethis app and our services. None of this data can be usedtoidentify you.
Mi Calculator 10.1.0
Xiaomi Inc.
Mi Calculator will do the math for you. Regular, scientific,andmortgage calculators, as well as currency and unit convertersareall here in one place. 1.Edit history and view previous resultsinthe regular calculator. 2.Find trigonometric functions,logarithms,and more additional features in the scientificcalculator. 3.Dailyupdated exchange rates in the universal currencyconverter. 4.Knowthe exact amount of the next installment with themortgagecalculator. 5.Freely convert units of length, area, volume,speed,time, and mass in the unit converter.
Mi Wi-Fi
Xiaomi Inc.
You can update the Mi Wi-Fi app to version 4.0 now. You're abletotake control of your Mi Wi-Fi with this smart assistant onphoneanytime and anywhere. Major updates: 1. Device list: You canviewand manage devices connected to network, such as allow theiraccessto network and data or not, manage QoS allocation, and setnamesfor different devices. 2. Storage management: As the familydatacenter and a mobile hard disk on your phone, this app makes youbeable to manage and download files easily. It supportsslidegestures. You can find resources and manage download taskshere aswell as access to all photos and videos in chronologicalorder. 3.Tools: This feature helps you to learn more about MiWi-Fi. 4.Settings: You can view and change settings of MiWi-Fi.Recommendation: * Guest Wi-Fi: WeChat friends and theirfriends canconnect to Wi-Fi without password. * Share Mi Wi-Fi:Share therouter with your family. * Mi Wi-Fi info: Share yourrouter statswith friends. * Security: Protect home network fromunknowndevices, hacking, malicious websites, and downloads… *Routerstatus: You can view CPU performance and network speed ofallparts. * Back up photos & hard drive files: You can almostbackup everything you want on Mi Wi-Fi. * Tencent VIP: Exchangeyouridle bandwidth for Tencent VIP easily (only hard disk routerissupported). * Mi Cloud: Backups for photos and videos willbesynced automatically and safely to Mi Cloud (only hard diskrouteris supported). * Broadband speed: Telecom Tianyi canaccelerate theWi-Fi speed for its users. Learn more about Mi Wi-Fi
Xiaomi MIUI Forum 2.0.2
Xiaomi Inc
MIUI Forum app is the only official app to access Xiaomi MIUIGlobalForum ( where you can come todiscoverlatest news and updates of MIUI ROM, Mi products, apps,themes,reviews, root tools, kernels, tutorials and more. Withmillions ofMIUI fans from all over the world, you can also makesome friendsand talk about ROMs, phones, technology and anythingyou'reinterested in. We're trying our best to make it a placewherebrilliant minds shall never be lonely!
Mi Remote controller - for TV, STB, AC and more 5.7.2
Xiaomi Inc.
Control your electric appliances with your phoneusingMiRemote.Whenever you can’t find your remote or feellikeprankingyourfriends, Mi Remote will be there to help. We alsohavealltheinformation you need about your favorite TV shows,soyoucanswitch the channel faster, or even watch the showonyourmobiledevice. Mi Remote brings watching TV toanewlevel!Supportedappliances: TV, air-conditioner, set topbox,DVDplayer,projector, A/V receiver, camera,etc.SupportedBrands:Samsung, LG,Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Haier,Videocon,Micromax,Onida, etc.1.Most phones with IR blasters supportMiRemote and itsfeatures.2.All mobile devices can be used tocontrolMi TV/Mi Boxand othersmart TVs with standard protocols overWi-Fi.3. Allmobile devicessupport Mi Remote’s integrationwithTVscheduling.Supportedphones: Samsung S4/S5/S6/S6 Edge/Note3/Note4,HTC One Series, Mi4/Mi 4c/Mi 5/Mi 5S Plus/Mi 5C/Mi 5X/Mi6,Redmi4/Redmi 4A/Redmi4X, Redmi Note 2/Redmi Note3/RedmiNote4/RedmiNote4X/RedmiNote5A, Huawei Honor 3/6/6 plusMiRemote.Life at thetips of yourfingers.
Theme Editor For MIUI 1.7.1
* Stop your ads Blocker to be able to run it* * No Root * MIUIThemeEditor is the most powerful Xiaomi (MIUI) theme editor withitssimple and awesome UI and its wide set of options to helpyoucustomizing your phone easily. It's fully free and availabletoeveryone. You can pick, edit and save your theme quite fast.Neverhesitate to download it. Features - Multi option forselectingthemes : --- Picking from theme manager --- Browsingstorage - Editdescription - Edit system font to whatever you wantand choosebetween : --- Built-in fonts (built-in fonts support onlyEnglishlanguage if not working with you try to get font supportyourlanguage ".ttf" and select it by "choose a custom .ttffont"option). --- Browsing storage. - Edit apps icons by : ---Selectingan icon mask. --- Selecting dynamic icons. --- Importingall iconsfrom an installed icon pack. --- Selecting icons manuallyfor eachapp. - Edit status bar icons (battery, signal and WiFi). -Edithome screen wallpaper. - Edit lock screen wallpaper &style. -Editing notification panel background & icons. -Editingincoming calls background. And more discover it by yourself.Wehope you'll enjoy the app. If you like it, then please rate it5Stars. If you have any bug or suggestion, please contact us.Thanks
Fitness Tracker Reviews 1.0
If you are a fitness enthusiast and want a fitness device thatwillenable you to stay on track in order to achieve your fitnessgoals,then a fitness tracker would be your best bet.Are you lookingforup-to-date reviews on the best and most popular fitnesstrackerbrands on the market today? Then this app is for you. Thisapp isall about the most popular fitness tracker brands you canbuytoday.It features detailed and in-depth reviews on the topfitnesstracker brands such as Fitbit,Jawbone,Garmin,Microsoft,Polarandmuch more,so you can choose the best fitness tracker thatsuitsyour fitness needs and budget.Direct link to so youcanmake a purchase directly from your mobile device.New reviewsandupdates are being added every month.Please feel free todownloadand also rate this app.Let us know what you think aboutthis app.
Zeroner Health
Zeroner supports a stylish bracelet available in differentcolorsequipped with a 3D sensor and Bluetooth 4.0 that allows ittoconnect with ios and Android Smart Phones.Once connected totheSmart Phone, user can also enjoy Phone Call and SMSnotificationthrough bracelet vibration.The latest version supportsEnglish,German, French, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese,Spanish,Turkish, Polish and Dutch.
MIUP - Update MIUI 10 , MIUI Hidden Settings, News 4.0
soEpic Apps
MIUP App allows you to download latest versions of MIUIUpdates.Alsosupports forum and Store. * Latest Tech News *Download MIUI 10 ROMS* Access to MIUI Hidden Features. * RootChecker * Forum is used toaccess the latest News about MiUi. *Store is used to shop productsat amazing prices. Features:- --Daily Tech News with pushNotifications -- Full Device Test (fewerdevices supported) -- MiRoot Checker -- Download Latest MIUI 10 --Forum -- Store -- MiUpdate -- MIUI Hidden Settings -- Find DeviceStatus -- Country wiseStores -- MIUI Updates at your fingertips --MIUI FastbootROMS-------------------------------------------------------Apprequires following permissions: *WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE -Todownload theROMS.-------------------------------------------------------Note:-1.Downloaded update can be applied to Xiaomi smartphones byopeningupdater app and tapping on three dots and tapping on "ChooseUpdatePackage". 2.For Non-Xiaomi Devices updates can be installedto yourphone only through TWRP Recovery and device must be*ROOTED*.-------------------------------------------------------Supporteddevices are:- Xiaomi Devices: Redmi Y2/S2 Redmi Y1/LiteXiaomi MiMIX Redmi 5/Plus Redmi Note 5 Xiaomi Mi 6 Mi A1 Mi Note 3Redmi 5ARedmi Note 5 Pro Redmi Note 5A Mi MIX 2 Xiaomi Mi 5X XiaomiMi Note2 Xiaomi Mi 5c Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus Xiaomi Mi Max/Prime XiaomiMi NotePro Xiaomi Mi 5s Xiaomi Mi Pad Xiaomi Mi 4i Xiaomi Mi 5Xiaomi Mi 3Xiaomi Mi 4 Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 Xiaomi Mi 4c Xiaomi Mi Pad 2Xiaomi MiMax 2 Xiaomi Mi Note Xiaomi Mi 2/2S Xiaomi Mi 4S Redmi 4ARedmiNote 4X Redmi 4X Redmi 5 Redmi 6 Redmi 6 Pro Redmi 4 RedmiNote 4Redmi 4 Prime Redmi Pro Xiaomi Mi 2A Redmi 2/Prime Redmi NotePrimeXiaomi Mi 1/1S Redmi 1 Redmi Note 3 Redmi 3S/Prime/3X RedmiNote 2Redmi 3/Prime Redmi Note Redmi 1S POCOF1-------------------------------------------------------Publisher:- soEpic Apps
Peel Mi Remote
Xiaomi Inc.
Peel Mi Remote is a TV guide extension for Xiaomi Mi Remote by"PeelSmart Remote". Please make sure you have Xiaomi Mi Remotev.5.3.5installed on your phone. This Remote Changes Everything!Peel MiRemote revolutionizes your home entertainment experiencebycombining universal remote control and live or streamed TVlistingsinto one simple-to-use app. This is the only remote and TVguideyou need. Universal Remote Control Reliably control your TVandset-top box, using the built-in infrared IR blaster on yourXiaomismartphone. Hands down, the best Universal Remote app ishere. FindSomething Good to Watch Peel Mi Remote provides smartshowrecommendations and TV guide listings based on your preferencesandpast viewing behavior, all organized in an easy tonavigateinterface. Best of all, the more you “Peel-in”, the smarteritgets. Easy to Set Up. Easy to Use. Peel Mi Remote is supersimple.No matter where you live, what brand of TV or set-top boxyou own,or who provides your service, it’s easy as 1, 2, 3. Confirmyourlocation from 110 different countries, choose your TV provider,andthen pair Peel Mi Remote with all your home electronics. Itcanreplace your Samsung TV remote, LG TV remote, Sony TV remote,VizioTV remote, Dish remote, DirectTV remote and more. This is theonlyuniversal remote control app will ever need. Never MissYourFavorite Shows With the Peel Mi Remote you can easily setacalendar reminder so you never again miss a favorite show, movieorsports event. Simply tap on the reminder notification to“Peel-in.”Peel-in to Your Favorites Customize your Peel Mi Remotebyselecting your favorite channels and shows. Finding out whenandwhere your favorite programs and movies are available to watchonTV has never been easier. Personalize Your TV Program Guide&Listings Peel Mi Remote allows you to easily personalize yourTVchannel listing to match your local over-the-air, dish orcableprovider or streaming service. The best TV guide you can getishere!! Easily Discover Streamed Content Peel Mi Remote allowsyouto discover your favorite shows and movies on your streamingvideoservices. Whether you prefer Netflix, Hulu, Roku, Apple TVordozens of other digital content providers, Peel will help youfindsomething good to watch.
Lightning QRcode Scanner 1.9.8
QRcode Reader free is optimized for QRcode / Barcode decoding.QRcode Reader is an ultimate barcode reader app for anyAndroiddevice. Enjoy all the benefit by scanning QRcode / barcodefromeverywhere to access promotion and coupon . QR code readerwasdesigned with camera only permission granted. If you areveryconcern about personal privacy , this is right QRcode scannerappyou need. It is safe and fully compatible with Android 4.xorabove. QR code readeer is widely used to decode QRcode &barcode types such as ISBN, EAN, UPC , data matrix and others.QRcodereader with Zoom feature , easy to decode small or far awayQRcode.If you are concern the safety , this Lighting QRcode scanneris theonly one QR code reader you needed. not only simple , butalsofree. Key Feature : -- Robust decoding rate. Move camera tofocuson QR code / bar code object is the only things to do. --Takeappropriate action. By decoding QR code , you can searchproductinfo or browse the website even connect wifi withoutpasswordtyping. -- History You can export all link via e-mail orreuse thelink. -- Flashlight Darkness ? not worry . Just turn onFlashlightfunction -- Zoom Easy to access small QRcode With Zoom In&Zoom Out feature. QRcode reader design for Android smartphoneandAndroid tablet for free.
Health, Weight Loss, Diet Plan & Calorie Counter v9.7
Track your health, lose weight, eat healthy food withHealthifyMe:your calorie counter, macro & nutrition tracker.Get customiseddiet plan for weight loss & other health goals.Count calories,macronutrients, plan a diet chart. Track overallhealth: waterintake, steps & workouts! Weight loss isn’t easy.HealthifyMehelps you count calories, macronutrients, lose weightand get fitwith health data, fitness trackers and your specialiseddiet plan.Let your calorie counter, diet chart, and nutritioncalculatorguide you to your fat loss goals. Your personal foodtrackermotivates you to eat healthy food, follow your diet plan,tryhealthy recipes, and the fitness tracker encourages you tofollowyour workout chart, go to the gym or do yoga. ComprehensiveHealth& Lifestyle tracker: TOP FEATURES 1. Lose weight withapersonal diet plan for your fitness goals. HealthifyMe createsyourdiet chart and meal planner from your health data and BMI soyouknow exactly where to start. 2. Eat healthy food withyournutrition and calorie calculator! Log meals with a touch,checkyour macros, or simply take a photo of your lunch. Accessthelargest database of Indian foods and healthy recipes, from daltodosa, with Indian serving sizes. 3. Count calories: viewyourhealth data, weight loss, fat loss progress and daily caloriesat aglance. 4. Your specialised diet plan lets you easilymanagedietary health conditions such as diabetes, thyroid,PCOS,cholesterol, and hypertension. 5. Track your health data withanutrition calculator that breaks down your protein, fibreandcarbohydrate intake with accurate macro-nutrient mapping. 6.Yourfat loss, gym and yoga routine is even more effective withexperthelp! Connect with professional yoga instructors,nutritionists anddieticians to enjoy dedicated one-on-onecoaching.* 7. Getpersonalised health and weight loss suggestions24* 7 from Ria, theworld’s first AI powered virtual nutritionist,driven by over 200Million food & gym logs. 8. Find healthadvice, recipes andyour daily dose of motivation for your fitnessgoals through freshcontent on your app’s feed, each day, every day.9. Stay mindful ofyour water intake through regular reminders andwater trackingnotifications. Start your weight loss journey todayand use yourcalorie counter to track your progress. Join 6 millionusers whohave lost weight and gained confidence with ouraward-winninghealth tracker. Healthify yourself! Awarded among BestApps forGoogle Play, 3 years in a row! The trust of hospitals likeManipal,Medanta, Cloud9, and Sakra along with the guidance of someof thebest healthcare practitioners enables HealthifyMe tocombinetechnology and the latest medical science to deliver thebest infitness and weight loss solutions to its clients.HealthifyMe alsooffers a premier corporate wellness program toimprove the healthand wellness of your employees, boosting yourorganization’sproductivity. Some of our clients include big gunslike Cognizant,Philips, Shell, Metlife, Infosys, and Unilever.-------- Sync withPedometers HealthifyMe syncs activity and stepcounter data byseamlessly integrating with the HealthifyMe Rist,YUFIT, GoogleFit, Garmin, and Fitbit. PERMISSIONS REQUIRED: Yourlocation: tolive track your running, walking and cycling. Read SMS:To make OTPpayments via our payment gateway. Read/Write Storage:Share filesand images while you chat. *Available with HealthifyMePremium