TurboTube ئاپەکان

TurboTube (A YouTube Player) 1.01.09
TurboTube does not cache videos, supportoffline playback, or support background audio as these featuresviolate YouTube Terms of Service.TurboTube is currently in BETA release. Please use the "SendFeedback" button within the app settings menu to submit asuggestion or report a performance issue (your assistance is highlyappreciated!).Meet TurboTube, the YouTube player that makes video streamingbetter - instant start with dramatically less stalling /buffering.TurboTube leverages all of the content features and userpreferences of YouTube such as your Subscriptions and Playlists,along with Popular, Trending, Suggested videos, and search. ThenTurboTube takes it a step further by aggregating YouTube videoshares from your Facebook and Twitter social networks into oneconvenient social feed. TurboTube green videos are primed forinstant playback in high quality, with dramatically less stalls –even when you're outside of WiFi zones. Play music videos from yourfavorite playlist, access game and movie trailers, and other topcontent. The Turbo Tube recommendation engine learns what you liketo watch, and keeps your queue stocked with videos so you can enjoystreaming when and where you want to. TurboTube never collects orreports any of your personal information or preferences.Features:- High quality streaming- Instant start (green videos)- Almost never stalls (green videos)- Social feed (for YouTube videos shared in your Facebook / Twitternetwork)- YouTube subscriptions- User configurable queueYou acknowledge and understand that certain Services or aspectsof the App require and utilize data access capability. Carrierrates for data usage may apply and you are responsible for any suchcharges. TurboTube is available for both Android and iOS operatingsystems.