zhwuba Apps

Connect your smart devices:Open the bluetooth, From “menu” into “mysetting” page. Add your device to the page. In this way, you canrecord your steps and the calories expended in running.Homepage:Enter the main page, You can record your steps andcalories by connecting with Bluetooth. The movement of the relatedinformation can be statistics and recorded. You can check yourrunning message consulting the date. You can press the “syn” buttonon the right to synchronize those message into Yum, on which youcan share message others. You can switch into “sleep mode” on theleft, through which will help to monitor you sleep patterns andsleep efficiency . Ranking: You have to register and login accountwhen you check the ranking, upload your own movement information to“Yum” services when you login in account, you can view your rankfrom all the movement, containing the day ranking, week ranking,month ranking. Add personal information: By Choosing “+” button onthe bottom, You can record your personal message such as“weight,height and running condition” in the popup window , and youcan locate your running trace through GPS. . Find: You can choose avariety of fitness plans. Widget:In "mine" page, there are datacenter, water reminds, mobile phone steps, intelligent alarm, andso on. Excellent GPS, Running with you; Ranking Info, Just onetouch to share with mor; Switch on cell phone, start up with Cloud;
Fit Health
Sorry, FitHealth has stoppedmaintaining.Please use DroiHealth to manage your device, you canthrough theway of DroiHealth:1, DroiHealth in Google search Play (recommended);2, install the FitHealth, open the application will receiveanupdate on your prompt, you can update to DroiHealth, butyourmobile phone will exist at the same time FitHealth andDroiHealth,please uninstall FitHealth, the latest DroiHealth.
EDriver is a professional set ofdrivingrecord, driving assistance in one of the APP,based on our own research and development Droi ADASvisualrecognition technology,lane recognition, lane departure warning, forward collisionwarningand other functions,is a free, energy effectively improve the APP ability todrivesafely.
MLIB Health
The Mlib Health application is an all-weather automatic recordingof user behavior health applications. Support steps movement,movement range, GPS sport and calories calculation, help the userto automatically generate the daily life.Is compatible with thesleep monitoring, remote picture, looking for mobile phones, smartalarm clock, drink water to remind, sports rankings, WeChatranking, to share life with the function of health applications,come and join play with your friends.