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Tower of Saviors 16.35
During the crossover in version 16.3, 8 characters from “FAIRYTAIL” Diamond Seal Series will step into the realm! Summoners cancall out the characters of “FAIRY TAIL” as your comrades in thedrawing machine, including rare “Natsu”, “Erza”, “Lucy” and othercharacters like “Gray”, “Wendy”, “Mirajane”, etc! During thecrossover period, Summoners will have challenging battles in thefamiliar scenes which appeared in “FAIRY TAIL”! Let’s feel thishot-blooded craze yourself in the realm! In Tower of Saviors, youare the chosen one to be a Summoner, the one bringing back peace tothe Realm. As a Summoner, you need to hone your skills indissolving Runestones, make use of the rewards you gain frombattles to collect monsters with mythical backgrounds, andchallenge over a thousand stages in different difficulties. Towerof Saviors is totally free! Summoners may purchase Diamonds fordrawing rare cards, restoring Stamina and extending the Inventorylimit, etc. Join us now to end the war once and for all! OfficialFacebook page: OfficialInstagram account:
神魔之塔 17.01
在諸神返回神界,魔族肆虐人界,人族為求自保摒除偏見團結起來,組成科學組織羅夢園,研究出能延續一族生機的方法,為此他們積極招攬人才。來自各國的天才們紛紛來訪,將機械混和元素,迸發出新的可能性。17.0版本全新登場的「科研敍論」系列,召喚師可以透過「科學的齒輪」獨立抽卡匣呼召出一眾「科研敍論」系列角色前來助戰。「科研敍論」角色個個學識淵博、技能出眾,包括角色「時空相對論‧ 愛因斯坦」﹑「自然律變奏 ‧ 牛頓」及「生物多樣性 ‧ 達爾文」等一眾歷史上的名人!神魔之塔中,你就是我們的希望,相信能為這混亂的世界帶來改變的召喚師。召喚師可以透過特定符石消除的試煉,利用通關的獎賞去收集以神話為背景的召喚獸,挑戰逾千個不同難度的關卡。神魔之塔是免費的遊戲!召喚師可以在遊戲中選購魔法石,用作收集稀有或特別的召喚獸封印卡,回復體力,增加背包容量等等。加入這戰場,為這場無盡的戰爭帶來終結吧! 官方 Facebook 粉絲團: 官方Instagram: When the gods return to therealm of the gods, the demons ravage the human world. The humanrace seeks self-protection and eliminates prejudice and unites themto form a scientific organization, Luomengyuan, to study ways tocontinue the vitality of the family. For this reason, they activelyrecruit talents. The geniuses from all over the world have come tovisit, and the mechanical mixing elements have opened up newpossibilities. In the 17.0 version of the "Scientific Research"series, the Summoner can use the "Scientific Gear" to draw a seriesof "Scientific Research" characters to help out. The "ScientificResearch" role is full of knowledge and skills, including the roleof "Time and Space Relativity ‧ Einstein", "Nature Law Variations ‧Newton" and "Biodiversity ‧ Darwin" and other historicalcelebrities! In the Tower of the Devil, you are our hope, theSummoner who can bring change to this chaotic world. The Summonercan use the prizes of specific stone removal to collect thesummoned beasts with mythology as the background, and challenge thelevels of more than a thousand different levels of difficulty. TheTower of Devil is a free game! Summoners can purchase Sorcerer'sStone in the game to collect rare or special Summoner Seal Cards,restore physical strength, increase backpack capacity and more.Join this battlefield and bring the end to this endless war!Official Facebook fan group: OfficialInstagram:
Cubic Monster 1.0
"Train Your Brain By Solving Puzzles as wellasEnjoy The Fun!" - Editor's Pick from AppEggs.comCubic Monster is a Superb game! This 3D intelligence gametestsyour brain,inviting you to a mastermind battle!The 3D effects along with 10 different bombing effectsgiveplayers a real shocking experience!Players need to make use of different cubes' characteristicstopass each level with the least steps and at the shortesttime.All the levels are independent from each other, but playerswillencounter different level of difficulty.
madhead TGS 2016 1.00
本應用程式只支援繁體中文This app is available in Traditional Chinese only人氣手機遊戲《神魔之塔》製作公司 Madhead 今年繼續參加於 2016 年 1 月 29 日至 2 月 2日期間在台北世貿中心一館舉行的「2016 台北國際電玩展」,更為此特別推出活動應用程式 madhead TGS2016!精彩活動,驚喜不斷!madhead TGS 2016 應用程式內容包括:1. 全新遊戲《時空之門》萬眾期待的全新 RPG 三消策略遊戲《時空之門》率先體驗,於 2016 台北國際電玩展期間每日推出不同限定關卡,讓你玩個爽快!2. 搶先事前登錄 獲得豐富獎賞透過 madhead TGS 2016應用程式進行《時空之門》事前登錄,不但可以獲得《時空之門》及《神魔之塔》獎賞,更有機會獲得精美禮品!3. 神魔BINGO不論是身在現場或家中均可同步核對中獎號碼贏大獎!豐富獎賞,每天送上!4. 神魔大戰神魔世界一分為二,「神界」與「魔界」之間的大戰一觸即發!立即為所屬的陣營爭取勝利吧!5. 展區資訊今年台北國際電玩展 Madhead 繼續為觀眾帶來精彩絕倫的節目,不想錯過活動詳情,請即鎖定 madhead TGS 2016應用程式!6. Madhead Girls 票選大賽29 位 Madhead 女將完美演繹遊戲角色,加上 14 位 Madhead 大使,一起來投票支持自己喜愛的 MadheadGirls 吧!7. 現場直播網上直播電玩展的盛況,即使未能親臨現場,亦可與現場觀眾同步欣賞特選精彩節目!註:應用程式內所有活動時間以 UTC + 8 為準。官方 FACEBOOK 粉絲團神魔之塔:時空之門: application onlysupports Traditional ChineseThis app is available in Traditional Chinese onlyPopular mobile game "Ghost Tower" production company Madheadcontinue to participate in this year between January 29, 2016 toFebruary 2 to be held at the Taipei World Trade Center ExhibitionHall "2016 Taipei Game Show" and more for this special launchevents Applications madhead TGS 2016! Exciting activities,constantly surprises! madhead TGS 2016 applications include:1. The new game "Cosmic Gate"The much anticipated new RPG three consumer strategy game "CosmicGate" first experience, in 2016 Taipei International Game Showduring the limited introduction of different levels daily, so youplay a refreshing!2. The first to get rich reward beforehand LoginA "Cosmic Gate" through madhead TGS 2016 applicationpre-registered, not only can get "Cosmic Gate" and "Ghost Tower"reward, a chance to receive a gift!3. Ghost BINGOEither at the scene or at home can be synchronized check thewinning numbers to win prizes! Rich rewards, sent every day!4. ShenmodazhanGhost world into two, the war "spirit world" and "Devil" betweenthe imminent! Now for the camp belongs to win it!5. Exhibition NewsTaipei International Game Show this year to continue to bring tothe audience Madhead fantastic program, you do not want to missthis event, please madhead TGS 2016 is locked app!6. Madhead Girls Vote Contest29 Madhead women, perfect interpretation of the character, plus 14Madhead ambassadors together to vote for their favorite MadheadGirls now!                                                                                                                                                                                                    7. LiveLive online game show at its peak, even if unable to visit thesite, can be synchronized with the audience appreciate selectedhighlights!Note: All active time within the app to UTC + 8 prevail.FACEBOOK official fan groupTower of Saviors: http: // Gate: http: // http: //
Chronos Gate 2.12
Madhead, the developer of Tower of Saviors, isbringing gamers another awesome game - Chronos Gate. The gamecombines RPG and Match-3, integrating strategic gameplay withon-your-feet thinking. Start your adventure through space-time withover 270 amazing characters who will Evolve like you've neverimagined!【Background】Twelve Creators came to being when the world formed. Theycreated all things in the world. Chronos, Keeper of Time, createdthe Chronos Gate to connect different dimensions. Yet, the minglingof dimensions allowed some of the races to invade others, leadingto wars throughout the realms. The Creators then decided to sealoff the Chronos Gate to separate the races in their respectivedimensions. But one day...【Game Features】● Combines RPG and Match-3 while introducing a fast-paced styleof gameplayThe game challenges both your reaction time and strategic thinking.With the fast-paced gameplay, it is simply irresistable!● Travel alongside 270 characters in an amazing adventurethrough space-timeSummon Heroes across space-time to join your battles. Build yourultimate Teams and collect all these stunning characters!● Amazing 3D animation scenes with breath-taking visual effectspreviously unseenFull screen 3D animated art scenes break free from the restrictionsof mobile devices. During battles, you can see 3D attack animationso lively that gives you over-the-top battling experience.● Live2D guidance leading you through the mysterious worldAn interactive Live2D guidance is always there to answer yourquestions and fight by your side as you surmount obstacles in Stage& Floor.* Chronos Gate is free to download and play. However, playersare able to purchase Timestones in game, which could be used toSummon Heroes from different space-time, restore Stamina and expandInventory, etc.Customer Service email: [email protected] us on FB and follow us on Instagram for the lastestnews!Official Facebook page: Instagram: could also interact with other Runemasters in Official FanGroup for more information and strategy guides!Official Fan Group (Chinese): Fan Group (English): Gate is rated “PG 12” under Taiwan Game Software RatingManagement Regulations. Some game characters are dressed inclothing that accentuates the breast and hip areas. Part of thegame content requires in-app purchases. Gaming can be addictive,please play responsibly.