LazyCat Software Apps

This application allows you to view TV technology-based IPTV. Thisapplication does not contain a built-in playlists, and is only aclient, allowing convenient and comfortable to watch TV online.Please use playlists in the format m3u or xspf. Features: -m3u-playlist support (in open-view or v zip/gz), feature to addplaylists from device file-system, from internet or clipboard; -can play http and udp streams, and links from vk-video/youtube; -internet radio playback via the built-in audio-player; - supportseveral udp-proxys, that can be switched directly with workingplaylist; - support auto-update playlist, and using a cachedversion if not available; - customizable main-screen in title-styleview, playlists and most watched channels can be placed there, anda base functions of application with titles sorting; - favourites,with support nested folders, grouping same channels in differentplaylists; - not specified can be linked with template forreceiving information from tv-guide; - export playlists andfavourites in many file formats; - backup/restore applicationsettings (playlists, favourites, history, settings); - reminder forbroadcats from tv-guide; - hystory of watched channels; - supportseveral EPG (in xmltv-format, in open-view or archived zip/gz),that can be switched between EPG when working with playlist; - Theability to download EPG from the device; - Presets of EPG Sources.Are currently available EPG sources: 3 exUssr, 2 Italy, 1 UK(World), 1 Espany, 1 Germany; - customizable playlists views: list(maximum functionality), icons or titles, for each playlist; -customizable channel search in all playlists; - customizablecase-insensitive search of TV-shows in the EPG; - differentcolor-themes; - parental control;
LazyShopper - Shopping List 3.05
LazyShopper is a new functional application (shopping list) whichhelps to create and handle lists of purchase on your smartphone. Adistinctive peculiarity of this application is an easy-to-use workwith lists, a capacity of forming of templates/recipes, extendedfunctions and work with the groups of the lists, nice and neatdesign, and fine setup for any user. A big and built-in dictionarywill help you to create a list. Using built-in widget you willalways have an access to information about list conditions, andreminders will not let you miss important purchases.Features ofthis shopping list:- control of unlimited amount of lists in threecategories: active, pending, and templates;- ability to determinethe list item with the following parameters: the number of goods;unit of measurement; price (auto-complete feature); a person forwhich a purchase is made; a shop where a purchase should be done;-control and modification of the custom dictionaries: goods, groupsof the goods, unit of measurement, persons, shops;- classificationof the list items by the groups of the goods, shops, persons;-filtration of lists by different parameters;- export and import oflists by various ways(SMS/E-mail/Dropbox);- backupmanager/restoration of the working database(SD-card,Dropbox);-color schemes;- reminders about coming purchases;- widget of thestate of the purchase list showing the number of non purchasedgoods and the number of active reminders;- barcode scan;- voicesearch;- install a localized database other than the currentlocation;- Android 4.x ready;Location: ENG,RU,NL,UA;Keys: grocery,shopping list, market, shop, shopping, shopper, purchase, to-do,todo
LazyClothes - clothing sizes 2.0
Universal clothing size converter for different countries.Supportnext categories:- Men's Shoes;- Men's T-Shirts;- Men's Shirts;-Men's Socks;- Men's Suits, Coats, Sweaters;- Women's Shoes;-Women's Stockings;- Women's Dresses, Suits, Coats;- Women'sBlouses, Sweaters;- Boy's Shoes;- Girl's Shoes;- Girl's Dresses,Coats;- Men's Underwear;- Women's Lingerie;- USA Men's SizeStandards;- USA Women's Size Standards;Support sizes for nextcountries:Internation,China,Mexico,Italy,Canada,Germany,Russia,Ukraine,UK,France,Czech,Slovakia.
LazyShopper Widgets 1.1
Widgets for LazyShopper application!Please selectApplication->LazyShopper Widgets icon for more setting of thiswidget!In order to reduce the size of applications, starting withversion 2.7 LazyShopper not contain a widget. The widget ishighlighted in a separate annex LazyShopper Widgets. This appcontains old 1x1 widget, a new functional widget. This widget isstretched to the android versions 4.x and above. For versionsbelow, has a fixed size 4x2.