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Sanitas HealthCoach 2.7
With the free of charge HealthCoach app we offeranapplicationforeasy record and overview of your measurements. Allinoneapp.Health management as it should be today.Forgetthemanyhandwritten notes of your weight development.Alsorecordyourdaily activity and sleep rhythm with ease.Whetheryouareonholiday, business trip or at the doctor, you alwayscanviewandtrack your values. Switch easily betweenweight,bloodpressure,activity and sleep.Each area has a cockpitwhere thelastmeasuredvalue is clearly illustrated anddisplayedinformatively.Progressgraphs and tables with measuredvalues giveyou a quickandconvenient overview of your measurementsand makemanagingmobilehealth data fun - from anywhere and at anytime.Somefeatures ofthe app:- Cockpit display of the last measuredvalue-Progressgraphs of all measured values - Table ofallmeasuredvalues
HealthForYou 1.8
Hand-written notes about optimum blood pressure or weight are athing of the past – with the HealthForYou app, all your data iscollected conveniently in a single application. In the moderncockpit, you can see all areas in an overview: - Blood pressure -Temperature - Weight - Activity - Water - Sleep - Pulse oximeterYou can constantly keep an eye on a summary of all your healthvalues such as oxygen saturation of the blood, blood pressure,weight or body temperature. The activity area helps you to makesure that you walk enough steps every day and that your body movesenough. Good sleep is also important for a healthy body – with theHealthForYou app, you can always keep an eye on your sleep data. Inthe water area, you can record and monitor your daily drinkingpatterns. In all areas there are progress graphs and tables withmeasured values to provide you with an overview of your health.When registering, you can select the practical multi-user functionto use the app for the whole family. The HealthForYou app – makingmonitoring your health fun.