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Hidden Objects - Egyptian Age 2
Do you like simple Hidden Objects games where you have to find allthe objects? If yes, you will like this one. Hand painted images,with small hidden objects to discover. Game has list of objectswhich you will have to find from an image. Each level has timer,where you can see how quick you can discover all hidden objects.After you solve the level and would like to clear timer, just clicktime reset from main menu and it will clear all game progress.Thank you for downloading our game! If you encounter any issues,though, please contact us at: [email protected] We arequick to respond and fix any problems.Visit
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Jigsaw Puzzles Ancient Egypt 1.4
Enjoy beautiful jigsaw puzzle game from Ancient Egypt. Game is forEgyptian mythology lovers. You will see and discover already knownand famoues places where something important happened. We havecreated colourful images, included calm music to help you to forgetabout everyday stress. Relax while you solve magic jigsaw puzzles.Everyone who loves Ancient Egyptian Mythology will love thisgame.If you or your kids love putting jigsaw puzzles together youwill love our game. Each puzzle you complete depicts a story fromAncient Egypt. With over fifty stories to complete, you will neverget bored! Enjoy discovering! Thank you for downloading our game!If you encounter any issues, though, please contact us [email protected] We are quick to respond and fix anyproblems.Visit us:
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We are dedicated tocreating premium games for children. We take children privacy veryseriously. Our games do not collect any personal information.
Pirate Treasure 💎 Match 3 Games 3.2.9
Pirate Treasure ⚓️ Match 3 Games Come to play in this incrediblematch 3 game. Matching 3 jewels to get them explode was never thisfun. There are multiple levels, obstacles, jewels, best matching 3action in a world of pirates. You would need to show your beststrategy to be able to pass through all this puzzle. Do you thinkyou can cheat the pirates and steal their treasure? 🎮 How toPlay 🎮  Switch the similar objects to try to match themtogether to blast them. Crush the pirate’s jewels to pass thelevel. Be careful as you will face different obstacles and crazychallenges. Make awesome combos by matching more than 3 jewels inonly one move!! Make as many combos as possible to pass fasterthrough levels. Use the Powers up wisely as you don’t want them torun out Pirate Treasure ⚓️ Match 3 Jewels 🔆 Main Features 🔆 🌟Incredible Graphics 💎 Cool Boosters & Power Up 💰 Hundreds ofLevels 💎 Pirate Treasure ⚓️ Match 3 Game 🌟 HD Action 💰 EngagingEffects 🌟 Epic Music 💎 Strong boosters 💰 Play and connect withfriends 💙 Regular Upgrades to add even more fun !!! So… Do youthink you can become the best pirate to win in this match 3 game? 🎮Download It Now & play for FREE!! 🎮
Magic Puzzle 🌟 Match 3 Games 3.1.8
Best Match 3 Game 🌟 Fairy Tale StoryWelcome to the magic world ofcharming fairies in fairyland! Exciting magic objects are waitingto be matched. It is one of the most exciting match 3 games whereyou will be puzzled by tons of matching 3 challenges. You need toshow creativity, strategy and use the right upgrades and hints tofinish all levels. Do you have the skills to rule them all?🎮 How toPlay 🎮 Switch the objects to finally match of the same kindtogether to blast them. Crush all the object to pass the level andwin the game. But be careful as you will face obstacles anddifferent challenges. Create combos and blasts by matching morethan 3 items in one move. Try to create as many blasts as possibleto clear the level. Use your powers up and skill carefully to passeach level.Magic Match 3 Land 👍 Main Features 👍 ★ Great Graphics ★Incredible Boosters & Bonus★Hundreds of Levels★ Fairy TaleMatch 3 gameplay★ HD Graphics★ Cool Music★ Epic Effects★ RegularUpgradesSo, Do you think you can pass all the levels and win inthis magic match 3 game ? Download It Now!!